10 Books About Birds

We're just starting a unit all about birds.

I have been looking for fun, colorful books all about birds to use with my boys.

I often am challenged to find books that will appeal to all of my boys. They must be short enough for my 8 year old to sit through and thorough enough to challenge my animal loving 10 year old.  The books must have enough information to make it worth the time for my 12 year old to sit through with us and yet not so much information that the topic becomes overwhelming for any of us.

I was so happy to find so many great books at our local library.

Here are our top 10 books about birds:

1.  Birds-- We love Kingisher Young Knowledge books and Birds is no different.  With colorful pages each devoted to a different topic like how birds fly, bird feet, bird beaks, and building homes we can often read snippets of pages here and there and still learn so much. We also love that they include fun and easy project ideas too.

2.  How do Birds Find Their Way?-- This book is filled with information and theories on how scientists believe birds know their migratory routes and patterns.  Beautiful illustrations, maps, and a simple story help draw the boys in. 

3.  Hummingbird Nest- I like to try and bring a variety of books into our house when we're diving into a topic and I was thrilled to find this journal of poems all about one families experiences, observations and facts about hummingbirds. 

4. A Place for Birds-- I knew we had to include this book in our reading list since it takes a sampling of birds found all over the united states in all different ecosystems and talk about how birds thrive in all their various habitats. 

5. Hatch!-- While I am not quite so sure my middle schooler will enjoy this book I had to include it on our list because I just love that this books shows pictures of bird eggs and asks the reader to guess who will hatch out of them.  A fun and informative way to look closely at bird eggs (plus I plan to use the pictures for a few art projects!). It is filled with lots of information about birds of all kinds, but I do think the cover makes it looks like a "little kids" book so we'll see...  


6.  Bird Talk--  This fun book looks at all the different reasons why birds talk.  What are they communicating to one another and why do they always seem to make such noise?

7. ABC's of Birds-- I often think my boys are beyond ABC books but they're great for brainstorming writing ideas of our own.  This particular book is filled with so many varieties of birds and ideas for where to read further about each species.  

8. The Bird House-- A modern day fairy tale about a girl who discovers a house adored by birds.  

9. Into the Woods & The Boy Who Drew Birds-- OK so I know these are really two different books but I figured no study of birds would be complete without learning about John James Audubon and these two biographies are filled with inspiration for studying nature. 


10.  All About Birds-  A fairly comprehensive book for kids that shows detailed drawings of birds, their nests, eggs, and is a great introduction to learning all about birds. 

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  1. what a lovely selection of books. I see so many about animals but not so many focused on birds, will have a look at the library next visit. thanks for sharing #twinklytuesday

    1. I was surprised at how many we found. There were many books about specific species of birds too; I guess I had just never looked before. We've studied all sorts of other animals but never birds.

  2. thanks. we are all of the time bird watchers and will check some of these out.

    1. My son has had a bird feeder for about a year now and we've all become quite the bird enthusiasts; especially after our hummingbird rescue last week!

  3. We just read a fun book today called Hector and Hummingbird. What a fun story!
    As a bird enthusiast I am always on the search for ways to "infect" my boys with my love for those feathery creatures:)

    Gifts from Heaven

    1. That book looks adorable! Just added it to my wishlist. Thank you.

  4. I love birds, they can be so colorful!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    visiting from LMM

  5. These all sound like really good books! It looks like enough variety for your kids. :) I'd love to study the birds near me and learn what sounds go with which birds. Thanks for sharing at #LMMLinkup!

    1. My middle son has a toy that allows him to listen to all the bird sounds and helps him identify them. He also has a bird clock with the most popular birds in our area on it and it chimes a different bird sound each hour.

  6. Nice! Great group of non-fiction books : )
    Kids Math Teacher

  7. Nice collection. Love the covers! Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  8. These books look so lovely :) #anythinggoes


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