Greek God Unit Study Ideas

We had so much fun studying the Greek Gods.  It took us a few tries before we found just the right books though to get them all interested and excited about the Greek Gods.

The first book on CD that we attempted to listen to was filled with quite a bit of gory details and was being read in a monotone voice.  After trying to listen to the first story we set it aside and it wasn't until we stumbled upon Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series that the boys interests in Greek Gods really took off.

Once that interest was lit our learning really took off.  I find it's often just that spark of interest that if fanned blazes into a real passion.  

We started by reading lots of other books about the Greek Gods:

1.  Treasurey of Greek Mythology; Classic Stories of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes & Monsters-- a great anthology of short stores telling many of the Greek myths.

2.  Pandora-- We loved this picture book story telling the myth of Pandora and her box.

3.  Jason and the Argonauts-- My middle son read this entire chapter book cover to cover in just a few days.  He was fascinated by the adventure and action of the story.

4.  Greek Myths; Stories of Sun, Stone, and Sea-- another great collection of short stories depicting many of the myths.

5.  Heroes in Training series- These are wonderful, short, early chapter books with fun stories about each of the Greek Gods.

6.  Young Zeus-- A picture book depicting the story of Zeus and how he became king of the Gods. 

7.  National Geographic Kids Everything Mythology- I think my kids most enjoyed the pictures found in this book.

We turned it in to a whole unit by adding fun crafts, trying out new recipes and pulling in all the various subjects. 

We made ambrosia-- since the boys remembered that ambrosia tastes differently to each of the heroes based on their favorite foods they decided that, for us, ambrosia was white chocolate brownies.  We found a great recipe and the boys used their math skills to make up a double batch for us and our friends.

We made laurel head wreaths using the edges of a paper plate and a bunch of paper leaves.

We played Zeus on the Loose-- In fact we still play this fun card game.  It's great math practice too.
Zeus on the Loose

We found Greek Mythology Trivia Cards to play with.

We visited the Athena Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee.

We watched the Percy Jackson movies and compared them to the books.

We made up a Greek God family tree.

We studied Greece too. 

Other ideas:

These fun Greek God fill in the blank stories (just like Mad Libs!)


  1. Hi, Mother of 3! I am so glad you shared this! We are getting ready to study ancient Greece so I am pinning this for later :)

    1. Great! We have had so much fun learning about Greek gods and from there we jumped to Roman Gods then Egyptian Gods... it was fantastic.


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