Fun with Field Trips: Scrapbooking Our Field Trips

We go on so many field trips as homeschoolers and so many of our scrapbook pages are about those places we visit.  

Here are a few:

Visiting Soar Indoors for the first time was so much fun.  Alec rocked the aerial course.  I just mounted each photo on green paper, laid them on the plaid background paper and cut out the title using the Cricut. 

Our zoo visit to the zoo in the fall was lots of fun.  I used Halloween themed paper and just trimmed an inch off each side of the paper then mounted it on some green.  I put each picture on orange paper and laid them out just a bit crookedly on the background paper.  I then used some sticker embellishments about animals to complete the page.

We had free tickets to Six Flags through their Read to Succeed program and we enjoyed a fun day at the park. With all the bright colors found in the pictures I knew I wanted a bright colorful background.  I found this printed paper and through it was just perfect.  I then mounted three of the photos on red and my focal picture (meeting Shaggy and Scooby!) on blue.  I rounded the outer corners on all the red mounted photos to give them some conformity and make the blue really stand out.  I finished up the page with a sticker embellishment.

Since Ian's favorite ride was the roller coaster this year and I only had three small photos I decided to try and mimic the feel of a roller coaster.  I found a simple pattern paper and used my pencil to trace a curvy line.  I cut it with the scissors and then trimmed the photos to fit inside the curves.  I cut out the title using my Cricut and found a large roller coaster sticker to finish it off.


  1. I love the colors and themes you used in your scrapbooking. These show off your homeschool field-trip adventures well. I remember those days and your fun pages will help you to recall your experiences, too. Thanks for sharing these great ideas at Together on Tuesdays!


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