Weekly Wrap Up: Year #4 Week 28

It was another busy and full week here.  We had a few field trips, had some friends over and spent two fun days celebrating Pi day and St. Patrick's Day.

Math-- Monday was Pi day and we celebrated this year by making Tollhouse Pie (the only pie all my boys will eat).  We talked about Pi, measured cylinders with string and then cut off the diameter of the circle (making 3 strips with one tiny strip left over).  We talked about the importance of the .14159 because just 3 would not allow us to make it all the way around the circle.  They graphed a city using the numbers in Pi too.  You can read all about our day here

The boys also completed 4 more pages in their math workbooks and the older two boys worked in their Are You a Math Genius? books.

Writing & Spelling-- We wrote stories about our favorite pie in honor of Pi day on Monday.  The boys each completed two more pages in their Thinking Tree Spelling books.  Evan worked on a page in his Star Wars book turning declarations into exclamations.  The two older boys worked in their cursive books and Evan finished another Draw Write Now page on the polar regions.  We decided to copy his journal pages and use them to finish off his polar regions geography board.

Ian took it upon himself one day to write to a toy company.  We have an old slot car set and the cars no longer works so he wrote and asked if he has to buy special cars or it any of their slot car sets will work with our set.  He had no problem composing his letter or spelling out his thoughts.  It was so nice to see him taking charge and using writing in real life situations.

Reading-- Evan read Critters Up Close, Not a Box, and started reading Jedi Academy.  He's also listened to some more of Lord of the Rings.  Alec read Life as A Viking; he's recently discovered these choose your own way stories and he loves them! He also read Apollo and the Battle of the Birds, Treasure Hunters In Trouble and re-read Jedi Academy.  Alec offered to read a few more chapters in Gameknight 999 to Evan one night this week.  Ian read a few more chapters in his Treasure Hunters book.  We started listening to Prince Caspian in the car while driving around. 

Life Skills-- Ian and my husband finished making Ian's car garage.  Ian came up with the idea, designed it, drew it out (with the help of his dad) on Design cad and then worked to cut out the wood and put it together. This weekend he brought it home and painted it.  I had no idea just how huge it was.  It looks more like a dog house than a toy garage but he is thrilled to have a home for all his big trucks.

Alec worked with my husband to finish up forging the knife blade he's been making with my husband.  Unfortunately due to his age he wasn't able to do much as far as grinding and hardening the blade but he did learn how to polish it and will help make the handle for it. 

Socialization-- We had a family reunion party this weekend. It was my husband's grandfather's 90th birthday and the boys spent a fun day playing with ALL of their cousins and visiting with relatives.  We also had friends over to play on Monday; it ended up being the perfect activity for a rainy day.  We spent a portion of Wednesday at the beach with my nephews and some friends the kids all got together and dug a huge hole, picked rocks to take home, and watched the massive waves crashing against the shore.

Science-- The boys and I attended a class at a local college learning all about natural disasters.  We used Google Earth too so it was also good geography practice.  It was such a fun day; you can read all about it here.

We spent a day at Kettle Pond Nature Center and learned all about nature journals and the proper technique for making nature journals.  We then went out and did a field journal page.  We saw a woodpecker, some frogs, a large (but empty) bees nest, moss, and so much more. You can read about our day here.

We spent an afternoon in the sun planting seeds.  We had so many packets of seeds and since the boys are much better gardeners than I'll ever be I left them to the planting and just watched.  They planted dill, onion, lettuce, spinach, eggplant, tomato, squash, scallions, and chamomile.

Physical Education-- They had karate again this week and the older two boys were thrilled to get a chance to try out using bo staff weapons during class.  Evan was bummed that they ran out of time before he was able to get a turn.  Alec came home and practiced many of the moves using our Nerf swords.  Ian played ping pong with a friend and both Ian all the boys spent lots of time outside running, digging, riding bikes and playing ball.

Alec learning bo staff 

Geography-- Evan wanted to make the Malagasy recipe Mofo Makasaoka; a recipe he learned and loved while studying Madagascar last year so we put that together for lunch one day.

History-- We read St Patrick's Day Alphabet, That's What Leprechauns Do, The St. Patrick's Day Shillelagh, Katie's Wish, and S is for Shamrock in learning about St. Patricks day.  We also watched a YouTube video on Irish step dancing. 


  1. It looks like you had a fun week filled with lots of quality education. I got interested in your Do-It-Yourself books! They look worth checking out??

  2. You are doing a beautiful job with your homeschool! I am blessed and love your blog! Keep up the great work :)

  3. Quite a week! Several bloggers have mentioned graphing Pi City this week. We'll have to give it a try next year. :)

  4. What a fun week! My boys love Star Wars also! What a great idea to have Star Wars themed learning books!

    1. My youngest son found them and so far we have used 3 of their reading/writing books and two of their math books. They had ended at 2nd grade so we were bummed but we recently found out that they are bringing out third grade this fall. I already pre-ordered them!


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