Nature Journals & Beach Days

We spent our morning yesterday at a nature center learning how to make scientific nature journals.  It was such a beautiful sunny day and we took full advantage of being outside soaking in the fresh air and enjoying our time in nature.

 We got to see samples of journals.  Learned that most scientists have two journals; a field journal where they take quick notes and make sketches and then a nature journal where they copy and elaborate on their time in the field using their field guides as a point of reference.

We learned that they make waterproof journals; where the paper is actually waterproof so you can observe and write about nature even on rainy days!

After our short time in the classroom we went out into the field and the kids were all encouraged to find a quiet spot and work in their own nature journals.

It was wonderful! We saw frogs, tadpoles, water striders, a wood pecker, lots of moss and an abandoned bee hive.  The kids each found different sights, sounds, and smells to journal about.

Ian settled at the base of a tree 

Alec found an old log to sit on 

Two types of moss 

There is black and white woodpecker at the tip of this tree 

Looking out over the pond watching the frogs 

Three layer bee hive!

Sketching the bee hive 

This moss looks like coral 

When we were done gathering data we headed back to our car and we moved down the road with two other homeschooling families to spend the day at the beach.

It was amazing to be able to spend a day on the beach in March in New England!

The weather was perfect and while the water was way to cold to go in the kids did have a great time collecting rocks, digging holes, burying one another in the sand, and watching the monstrous waves crash against the shore.

Starting to dig the hole 

Big enough for everyone! 

We had the whole beach to ourselves so the kids were free to walk and wander

The waves started coming close to the hole so they started making
a dam using a huge piece of drift wood 

They dug deep enough to reach water 

Alec was told he could only bring home
as many rocks as he could carry to the car
in one trip; so he began loading up his
pockets and his hood 

His pants barely managed to stay up!

And rocks were just about falling out of his hood 

We weighed his pile of rocks when we got home.  Luckily they are
really pretty rocks! Now we're looking for crafts to use them with. 


  1. Looks like learning was lots of fun. We love to go to Malabar Farm State Park which is near our home. Last weekend we toured Louis Bromfield's home and enjoyed the maple syrup festival.

  2. Outdoor learning is the best! I love the pictures of the kids observing nature in action and writing in their journals. This is Science that is definitely NOT boring! Visiting from Blogger Spotlight Party #14 :)

    1. Yes! My boys love science since it's always so "hands on" and involved.

  3. Love this! We're also in New England and enjoy off-season beach days. No crowds! :) We always find neat shells and rocks, sometimes crabs and kelp, even though it's too cold to swim.

    Thanks for linking up at the Homeschool Blog & Tell! I pinned this post.

    1. Thank you for pinning it! We always find something neat to look at too.


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