Weekly Wrap Up-- Year #4 Week 27

We had a busy week with something on the calendar every single day!  The weather was nice and made us all anxious for spring.

Science: We went on a few science field trips this week.  We spent Monday at an aquarium (you can read about it here).  We had a great time watching the animals swimming around, petting them, and learning lots of fun facts with interactive computer games.  We spent Wednesday at a children's museum finishing up our last class on water.  This week's class was all about water in it's various forms; liquid, solid, and gas.  The kids had a great time and you can read about that trip here.

Playing with the penguins 

sculpting with ice 

Playing with ice cubes in the vortex

Math: The boys worked on their workbooks; completing two pages each day.  The two older boys completed two more pages in their Are You a Math Genius? books.  The younger two boys played in the pretend store at the museum and I overheard a lot of math talk too.

Reading:  Evan read Not a Stick, The Luck of the Irish, Just My Friend and Me, and Just Me In the Tub.  He also listened to more of The Lord of the Rings with my husband reading to him at bedtime. Alec started reading A Mutiny in Time, the first book in the Infinity Ring series and spent some time looking through Unlikely Loves.  He also read Typhon and the Winds of Destruction in it's entirety a well as The Endermen Invasion.  Ian read a few more chapters in Treasure Hunters and picked up a book on building bridges at the museum. He ended up sitting down and reading The Bridge.

Geography: Alec finished up A Thousands Words in French and Ian finished up This is Australia.  Evan and I read all the signs about the arctic and Antartica while we were at the aquarium on Monday.  I also realized on Thursday while he was completing another Draw Write Now page that Evan has been slowly working his way through our book on the Polar regions for the past few months; not for his report but because he wanted to learn about these animals and how to draw them.  I realized that we probably could use most of them for his report though and if we decide to do that; he'd be done!

Spelling: All three boys worked on two more pages in their Thinking Tree Spelling books.

Physical Education: We played Wiffle Ball, pass, monkey in the middle, and kick ball this week.  The weather was beautiful and we were taking complete advantage to be outside.  They played down by the water and built sandcastles.  They had water gun fights and played chase. They also played on the playground at the museum for over 2 hours running around and climbing.  The boys had their karate class this week and we had a fun silly string war chasing each other around the yard.  We had a homeschool park day this week and the boys played on the swings, rode bikes, played capture the flag and tag.  We spent another 2-3 hours outside even though it was raining a bit off an on.

hard at work 

completed castle 

Socialization:  The boys had so much fun playing with their friends this week at the museum and ended up playing with some new friends they had made through this water class too.  The day we went to the park we met a new homeschooling family and the boys hit it off beautifully.  I also could not help but notice Alec making friends with a little girl who had been wandering around the park watching our group of kids playing together.  She must have been 5 or 6 and you could just tell she wanted to play with them but wasn't sure how to get in with such a large group.  A little while later I saw Alec guiding her down the ladder, swinging on the swings with her and they ended up playing together for most of the time we had remaining.  He was so gentle and patient with her.  I rarely see him interacting with younger children and it was so nice to see. She had a tracheotomy tube and he had tons of questions about what it was and why she had one but was quick to tell me that he hadn't wanted to ask her and make her feel uncomfortable.

Playing at the museum 

Writing:  The older two boys worked in their cursive books and all three boys completed another Draw Write Now page.


  1. Awesome week. We love aquariums. The sand castle making looks delightful too.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Sounds like a fabulous week! I'm jealous of the aquarium visit; we haven't been in ages. And we're getting ready to read a penguin book, so that would tie in really well. :)

    1. It would tie in very nicely. My youngest son was upset that they only had one type of penguin. He really wants to see the little blue species; his favorite. He's been learning all about the polar regions and has read a lot about all the different species of penguins.

  3. You are a totally awesome fun-schooling mama! You deserve the Fun-Schooling Mama of the year award :)


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