It's Electric! Exploring the Science and Nature Museum

We headed to a local museum yesterday to check out their temporary exhibit on electricity.  We had a wonderful day exploring the museum and enjoying the sunshine.  We met up with my mother, sister and her sons and the boys all had a great time learning together.

There are so many fun and engaging hands-on learning opportunities at the museum and they have an assortment of live animals too that we enjoyed looking at.

The boys loved watching the metal ring jump
when they pushed the button to charge the metal rod

Using the wool pad to build up a static electricity charge before
putting his hand hear the brass ball to feel the charge transfer

Using magnets and electricity combined to twist rope and stir beakers

Using electricity versus a manual control of a motor

Learning Morse code! 

Evan loved playing with the plasma tube 

Alec had a great time talking to the curator and learning
all about rocks, fossils, and the difference between
butterflies and moths 

We did some pendulum/motion drawings; the boys
had such a fun time watching the different designs  

We spent our afternoon outside playing on their playground enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  The boys were content to make up their own games and challenge each other to jump the streams, climb the rope netting, and win races.

He made it to the top multiple times 

Inspecting the pussy willow tree.  Alec loved how soft it was. 


  1. We love, LOVE science museums. It looks like a perfect day.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. My boys are huge science fans so we got to science museums a lot. It was a perfect day.

  2. Hi! I featured your post this week in our Learn & Play Link Up for outdoor activities! Thank you for sharing and hope you join us again. - Jae, The Pinay Homeschooler


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