75 Screen Free Activities for Spring

Today I'm making up a list of activities for my boys to do during their free time now that the nicer weather is on it's way.  I don't mind my boys watching TV and Movies or playing video games but I do mind when they stare at them endlessly like zombies because they can't think of anything better to do.  Working with my boys we compiled a list of things they could work on that do not include any screens.

Here are our screen free activities for spring:

1.  Make play-dough
2.  Use our Loom band kits to make bracelets and key chains

3.  Plant flowers in pots for the porch
4.  Plant a vegetable garden
5.  Go on a nature hike
6.  Make snake bubbles & bubble art
7. Have a silly string fight
8.  Put together a jigsaw puzzle
9.  Have a picnic & tell stories about the cloud shapes
10.  Draw with chalk
11.  Go for a bike ride

12.  Take out the Jump ropes
13.  Play kickball
14.  Paint a picture
15.  Make a chalk pastel rainbow or flower
16.  Build with Magnatiles
17.  Bake a new snack
18.  Paint ceramic pots
19.  Make our own kites and test them out
20.  Take an early trip to the beach and search the shore for shells

21.  Build pop rockets and test them out
22.  Make slime
23.  Make spring pictures using pattern blocks
24.  Build a fort
25.  Host an egg drop challenge
26.  Have a minute to win it party with a few friends
27.  Go roller skating
28.  Play with stomp rockets
29.  Play baseball
30.  Have a car wash day; wash cars, toy cars, & bikes
31.  Play with snap circuits

32.  Go to a free building class at Home Depot or Lowe's
33.  Take scooters to the skate park
34.  Play frisbee
35.  Make tissue paper flower bouquets
36.  Make cootie catchers
37.  Make some sun art
38.  Set out yarn nets for the birds to use to make birdhouses
39.  Play hopscotch (with or without school facts)
40.  Break open rocks using hammers or large rocks to see inside them
41.  Find a new park or playground to check out

42.  Take a trip to the zoo
43.  Make a volcano
44. Learn how to press flowers
45.  Grow our own crystals
46.  Make a chain reaction
47.  Make a pet rock
48.  Write a story about our pet rocks
49. Go to the aquarium

50.  Make a sun catcher
51.  Make pony bead wind chimes
52.  Build a Lego marble maze
53.  Go fishing
54.  Go kayaking
55.  Build a bird house or bird feeder
56.  Go geocaching
57.  Visit the farmer's market
58.  See the baby animals at the farm
59.  Set up a Nerf gun shooting range & game
60.   Play a board game

61.  Put together popscicle stick chain reactions
62.  Make birdseed snacks for the birds
63.  Make a windsock
64.  Make bird nest snacks
65.  Make some garden stepping stones
66. Decorate a T-shirt
67.  Make milk jug butterflies
68.  Climb a tree
69. Go find a vernal pool and count frogs
70. Bring dinner to the beach and watch the sunset together
71.  Grow and hatch butterflies

72. Design your own boat and have a boat race
73.  Make marshmallow constellations
74.  Play flashlight tag
75.  Play in the puddles after the rain


  1. I love that you involved them! Will be stealing some of your ideas :).

    1. So glad you enjoyed them! I try to include my boys as often as I can so that they are less resistant when I make suggestions.

  2. Wonderful ideas! I'd like to feature this post for the Celebrating Spring party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. I love those days when the world turns green and it's finally time to play outside!

  4. Thanks for this! We are reestablishing our screen time rules and this is helpful - even with a teenager or two 🤣

    1. I really do need to come up with an updated list; I now have two teenagers too and the pull of video games seems even greater than it used to.

  5. I want to come to your house this spring.

  6. This is a great list. We have a loom set too, but my daughter, age 6, needs a lot of help putting it together. Thanks for sharing with us at #LiveLifeWell.

    1. That sounds neat. I find it's amazing how many things we have tucked away that they just don't seem to remember or think to use.

  7. What an awesome list! There are so many things that they can do that does not involve a screen and that is wonderful. My kids are the same and always say they do not have anything to do. LOL. Thanks for a list that inspires me! :)

    Happy Easter and thanks for linking up at #LiveLifeWell!



    1. Yeah I get quite sick of the "there's nothing to do. Can I play (insert video game name here)."

  8. So many great suggestions! Some of these are favorites already, but we're going to have to try some of these the next time the kids need something to do. Personally, I can't wait to go fishing, but that's probably not going to be very feasible with a 5 year old, 2 year old, and newborn this year. ha ha

    1. That might prove a little tricky to get any actual fishing done. LOL.

  9. This is such an awesome list! It's so hard when we have rain all the time over here, so I will take up some of these pointers on our list.

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    1. Yeah we've had a really wet/ snowy spring so far this year and that is making it pretty difficult for us to get out and really feel like it is spring.

  10. I love all of these ideas so much! The sun is actually shining here this morning and I just want to get outdoors. #fabfridaypost

    1. Lucky you! We had snow Monday, rain yesterday, rain today, and... I know it's shocking but they're saying rain tomorrow too.


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