What Homeschooling Days are REALLY like

Today was just another ordinary day in the life... which is to say it was chaotic, fun, stressful at times, and more than a little bit educational.  

Because all homeschool days are a bit:

  • Chaotic; everyone needs moms help for something
  • Fun: if we're not having fun we put the books away and play games or watch movies.  Life is too short to be miserable. 
  • Stressful; it's hard and a bit stressful when three people are all yelling "mom can you help me..." at the same time and I have to decide who to help first.
  • Messy; most days there are toys strewn about, art projects and science projects going... yep, it's messy!  
  • Teary: I don't know about everyone else's kids but my boys are at an age when they rarely make it through a day without crying.  They might cry over their work, they might cry because they got hurt, they might cry because someone was mean to them or the last bowl of cereal that they wanted to eat was eaten by someone else.  Each of our day involves a bit of tears.
  • Happy! This may sound weird after a word like teary, but despite the tears we most always have laughter in our day. 
  • Educational: I firmly believe that we all learn something new everyday.  What my boys learn may not always be what I plan on having them learn but each day is educational.   
  • Rewarding; if most days weren't at least a little bit rewarding I could not continue to do this.
It's not always easy, but it's always worth it. 


  1. Yes!! Homeschooling seems like an emotional roller coaster sometimes, lol!!

    1. They sure do! Usually when I think I can't take it another minute and I want to get off this roller coaster the boys do something so super sweet it melts my heart and reminds me why we keep on going.

  2. Very true. Most days I feel like I've been in a whirlwind and Jedi mind tricked all at the same time.


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