President's Day Books for Kids

President's Day is next month  and while my boys are not huge fans of history they do like reading about the lives of our presidents and other historical figures.

Over the years we've stumbled upon some really great stories about our presidents (though we've only studied the four faces of Mount Rushmore so far).

Here are our favorite books about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson:

1.  Who Was...? (this whole series is wonderful and covers lots of different presidents as well as more contemporary and pop figures too).  They are a good cross between chapter books and picture books with shorter easy to read text than a traditional chapter book.

2.  To Dare Mighty Things; The Life of Teddy Roosevelt: A great look at the life, man, and legend.


3.  Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Everything-- a great picture book about all of the interests of Thomas Jefferson and his unusual life.


4.  I Am Abraham Lincoln-- from childhood to presidency and the abolition of slavery; a great picture book about his life. 

5. Thomas Jefferson's Feast-- An early reader chapter book about Thomas Jefferson's travels and his desire to introduce French cuisine to his friends back in Washington.

6.  George Washington and the Generals Dog-- An animal lover by nature George Washington finds a lot dog on the battlefield.  When he discovers it belongs to the enemies general he makes sure the dog is returned safe and sound.  

7.  Abe Lincoln's Hat-- the true (ish) story of how Abraham Lincoln used his had to store reminders and keep himself organized. 

8.  Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library-- Thomas Jefferson's love of books led him to collect a vast collection which eventually rebuilt the library of congress.  

 9.  My Tour of Europe; By Teddy Roosevelt, Age 10:  My kids loved looking back at the life of Teddy Roosevelt when he was close to their own age.  This picture book was wonderful.

10.  The Camping Trip that Changed America-- a wonderful story about how our National Parks came to be thanks to a camping trip that President Teddy Roosevelt took.  

11.  George Washington's Birthday; A Mostly True Tale:  This book was a cute introduction to the tall tales often told about our presidents and forefathers; a party true and totally funny book about George Washington's 7th birthday. 

12. Abe Lincoln: The boy Who Loved Books-- How his love of reading changed his life. 

13. Abe Lincoln At Last-- A Magic Tree House book; We love all the Magic Tree House books and so we just had to read this one too!

14.  George Washington's Teeth-- A rhyming story depicting the problems George Washington had with his teeth and what ended up happening (hint; he did not have wooden teeth)

15.  President's Day-- While we have not read this one we are requesting it from our library for President's day.  It sounds and look cute.  It's about one class that decides to hold a president's day play and vote for president.  


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