Weekly Recap-- 1/2 week of Christmas

 With just a half week this week we didn't have much of anything planned for school.  We wanted to finish up all our Christmas work and Christmas story books and just relax and try to enjoy what usually ends up to be one of the most stressful weeks of the year for me.  We made sure to include a lot of baking and fun holiday traditions like watching movies and making gifts.

Reading:  Ian read I Drive a Semi Truck, I Drive a Dump Truck, I Drive a Bulldozer, and a few pages in Divergent.  He also started reading Old School (Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 10).  We read a few more chapters in Storming the Castle together and started a new book on Cd Star Wars: A New Hope The Princess, The Scoundrel, and The Farm Boy.   Evan read Sledding Song,gifts are great, Scooby Doo Sled Race Mystery and Scooby Doo Pizza Place Ghost.  Alec started reading Immortal Guardians Book 1; Fall of the Beasts.  

Language Arts:  All three boys had a worksheet where they circled the verb in the Christmas sentences.  They also all worked on a spelling sheet trying to make up as many words as they could with the letters in the word Santa Claus.  They had a fun Christmas themed Mad Lib where they had to fill in the missing adjectives.  They brainstormed a random list and then filled in the blanks creating some super silly stories.  The older two boys also worked on a sheet picking out two words to use to make contractions and then spelling the new contraction.

Math:  Evan worked on some math this past weekend.  He received a few cards and some money as part of his Christmas gifts.  He spent some time adding up all his money, looking up what he could spend it on, figuring out how much more he needed if he wanted to buy a flat screen TV or an Xbox of his own.  They all got some new emergency lights for Christmas and needed batteries.  I had Evan calculate how many batteries we needed if all three lights needed 4 batteries and started talking with him about multiplication.  He's also been walking around adding up random numbers and asking if he's right (100 + 69 is 169, 42 plus 42 is 84, etc.)  All three boys had a few math sheets this week.  Evan found the missing addends (rather easily too!) and the older two boys worked with proving whether greater than and less than problems were true or false; explaining to me how they came up with their answers.  All three of them worked on a subtraction page with two digit numbers and regrouping; I was amazed that Evan caught on after the first problem and did the rest of the sheet on his own.

Holiday:  We read My Penguin Osbert, How Santa Got his Job, Christmas Farm, and Christmas Morning.  We made  lots of yummy holiday treats too;  We made Christmas crack (you can find the recipe here), brownies, chocolate chip cookies, some more cinnamon bun sandwich cookies (recipe is here), Nutella cookies, Eggnog cookies, and peanut butter blossoms.

Science:  We made it to our final Bioluminescence class and the boys had a great time.  They mixed up a chemistry experiment to see how animals glow.  They got to examine some deep sea creatures up close and compare them with more traditional sea animals noting the various adaptations deep sea creatures have made.  Finally, the kids were all asked to draw their own deep sea creatures and they were able to add glow in the dark paint to them.  The boys went on to label the animals they created with special features, the sizes of the animals, and their names.  They've been watching lots of Wild Kratts videos and taking advantage of our new Amazon Prime account to watch movies about science.

Art: Alec made up his own Qixels picture this week.  He decided to make some chocolate chip cookies in a red-lined basket using his imagination and some input from his brothers.  It came out so cute!

Life Skills and Socialization-- They've all been helping to clean the whole house this week. We've been to a few Christmas parties and have had talks about manners and etiquette.  They're pretty good at cleaning up after themselves.  Ian went to work for a bit this weekend too.  All three kids had fun visiting with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents everywhere we went.

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  1. This sounds like a great way to finish out the #homeschooling week before Christmas break. Most of those books sound really interesting to read. Thanks for sharing what they are reading.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I love sharing what we read and reading other blogs about what people are reading; we're always looking for suggestions.

  2. I always love seeing weekly homeschooling posts. Thank you so much for linking up to Natural Beach Living. I will be featuring you this week.


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