Candy Cane Stars

We bought candy canes to make some cute candy cane wreath crafts.  However we did not buy enough of each kind to make wreaths.

I thought one box of candy canes per child would be enough for a wreath but as we started putting them together we realized it was not enough.  After calling up a few different "how to" sites we found that you need at least 20-25 candy canes per wreath.

The boys did not want to work together so we looked up other crafts to make with candy canes and they all wanted to make candy cane stars.

    We chose to keep our candy canes wrapped since the boys would like to eventually eat their candy canes, but you can unwrap them too and use hot glue to hold them together.

    Knowing we wanted them to come apart we used scotch tape to hold our wreaths together.  The boys started by making hearts with two candy canes and taping both the top and bottoms together.

 Once they each had five hearts made we turned them heart side in and started overlapping them until we had a star shape that we liked.  We then used decorative ribbon to hold the wreath together wherever the hearts overlapped; like this

   All of the tape in the middle of the wreath was covered up by the ribbons and we chose to leave the ribbons a bit long to be more decorative.  Evan's colorful wreath was done in no time.

     Ian still did not like that the tape was showing along each of the star points so after looking around through our craft bins, the house, and in our pantry he decided to hot glue some Dots candies onto the ends.

    Alec's candy canes were more round at the top and so his hearts did not hold together as well.  Once tied they still bent and moved when we tried to hold them and I knew it would not hold up to hanging on the door like that.   We ended up reinforcing the points where his candy canes overlapped with hot glue.  I assured him that even with the hot glue we should be OK to eat them later since they are still in the wrappers; they might just break.  He was fine with that and happy to have a very chocolate Christmas wreath.

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  1. So pretty! I am craft-phobic, but my Pinterest-crazy daughter talked me into making a candy cane heart wreath such as you mentioned, and the miraculously finished product is hanging in the very room where I sit and type right now! Have a blessed Christmas with your crafty boys! :)

    1. Careful! Once you have one craft success it tends to snowball from there! :) Thank you. I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas as well.


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