Science Fair Day!

  We had such a wonderful day at our homeschool science fair!  It was amazing!  Once again there were a wide variety of topics and a lot of great projects.  You could tell all the kids worked really  hard.

Display board on the Aye Aye; an animal of Madagascar.  Complete with a craft project DIY rain "sticks" and a tasty Malagasy treat-- mofo makasaoka 

Ian's completed bridge report, his display of  his K'nex double cable stayed bridge
 and his toothpick/marshmallow craft and snack; build your own bridge.  

Alec's display on Ocean food chains, his sea life cookies, and a
fun card game called Chomp! 

One boy made homemade lava lamps,
explained how they worked and demonstrated
for us the effects of the antacid tablets. 

One girl did a report on Owls, had dissected owl pellets to look at, a fun
bookmark craft, and yummy owl cupcakes! 

Two sisters worked together on a report about velocity and speed;
the differences between the two terms, how to determine velocity
and a great hands on project with toy cars, ramps and rulers.  

One boy did a report on wolves.  He had wolf fur chocolate cake
for snack and a laptop with a fun new computer game (that we had to
download to our computer when we got home called Wolf Quest).
He also had another laptop with live camera feeds from a wold preserve
so the kids could see the wolves.  There were books, stuffed animals
and even a bunch of printouts for kids to color and stuff. 

He also put together these two wonderful dioramas of wolves! 

One boy reported on guinea pigs; where they originated,
how they became pets and made all the kids extremely
happy by bringing in his pet guinea pigs! 

Two sisters did a report on color changing milk
and why the colors move and mix when you
touch the dish soap to the surface of the milk.
They demonstrated the difference between using skim
milk, 1%, 2%, and whole.  

Their display board explained how fats play an important role in the movement
of the colors.  

All the kids were interested in watching. 

One boy did his report on penguins; where they live,
the different types, what they eat, etc.  He brought
Swedish "fish" snacks and a fun crossword puzzle. 

One of the older boys did a report on the periodic table of elements

With a complete edible cookie table display! 

He explained the properties of Insta Morph and gave
a demonstration; passing around the completed cube 

One girl reported on natural disasters and made
obsidian cookies.  She had some tornadoes in
a jar for kids to play and experiment with. 

Learning how to howl like a wolf! 

This boy gave a talk/ demonstration about Gallium; going along with
his brother's report on the periodic table of elements

Alec was hooked and had a bunch of questions! 

As the interest of the other kids dwindled, Alec continued to ask
more and learn more.  

I heard them talking about protons, electrons, and neutrons. The names of various
elements why they were all named using Latin.  

He spent the rest of the time learning all he could about the periodic
table of elements and never realized when his own father came to see him!
He was so intent on learning everything he could.
He came home, downloaded a Kindle app and spent the next few
hours quizzing himself on the elements and their abbreviations.

I just love seeing all the projects that these kids come up with to study and am so excited when I see something that really sparks that desire to learn in my own boys; like Alec and the Periodic Table of Elements. 

It is so a great day of learning! 


  1. Your kiddos did a great job on their boards! What a fun idea. Wish we had a homeschool co-op or organization. I don't have any real life friends who homeschool! :-(

    1. Thank you! We are very lucky, while we don't belong to any co-ops there are several around us and we belong to at least 4 homeschool groups in our state and area that all plan wonderful educational activities (like this fair and our geography fair), field trips, and tons of social activities too. Oftentimes it may be quite a haul to participate but there is quite a bit locally too. Do you live in a real rural area then? Its' great that with the technology we have today we can still make and meet homeschool "friends" even if we never do meet in real life.


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