Week in Review-- Week #5 Year 4

I couldn't believe how busy we were this week!  I was even more amazed to realize our calendar looks pretty full for another couple of weeks too.  Had this happened a few years ago I probably would have been stressing over all the schoolwork we were missing but lately I'm just grateful for all the opportunities we're being given to learn outside the classroom.

Socialization- While at Great Wolf Lodge Alec met and made friends with another homeschooling family; turns out they don't live all that far from us!  He also helped another family with their Magiquest and had a wonderful time.  All the boys were friendly and happy and we were complimented more than once on their manners.  We had a party this week and visited with lots of family members.  We also had some friends over to play and went on two separate field trips; meeting tons of new homeschooling families!

Physical Education-- We all completed an aerial obstacle course at Great Wolf Lodge and again during our field trip to Soarin' Indoors.  We spent a lot of time walking all around the Lodge while playing the Magicquest and walked up a lot of stairs for all of the water slides.  The boys had karate this week and spent plenty of time riding bikes, scooters and playing on the swing set.

History-- We read the books Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything and To Dare Mighty Things; the Life of Theodore Roosevelt, & The Camping Trip that Changed America,  learning a bit about some of our presidents.  We also started reading the book Cracker, the Best Dog in Vietnam.  It's a long book but so far we just love it!  It's written by the dog's perspective for the most part and it's very touching.

Math-- Evan  worked on a few more coin sheets this week working on adding up mixed coins too.  He still struggles to remember which coin is which and how much they're worth but had no problems adding them up once he's reminded of them.  I know that will come in time so I'll try not to push too hard just yet.  Ian and Alec finished playing Multiplication Squares and worked in their workbooks for a few days completing a few more pages.  After watching Evan shooting his sight words Ian used our Math Stackers to quiz himself on multiplication facts; stacking up the cups and shooting them down with his own Nerf gun.

Reading-- Evan and I read Fly Guy's Amazing Tricks, A Friend for Noodles, Fun at the Zoo, and Max and Mo Go Apple Picking.  Evan practiced his sight words using his new Nerf Gun.  We wrote the words on Dixie cups, he stacked them up, shot them down and read the words that he knocked over.  He also worked in his Star Wars Reading book and completed a page totally on his own while we were in the car one day. We finished up our week playing a game of sight word memory with his new 2nd grade sight words.  Alec finished up Seekers and read a few chapters of Confronting the Dragon out loud to Evan while they were having a sleepover.  Ian read a few more chapters in Divergent and read a book on bridges for his science fair project.  We all finished reading High Time for Heroes and listening to How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse.

Science-- We had a fun field trip to the apple orchard.  We learned all about how apples are grown, harvested, and used. We also went on a nature hike this week; enjoying a new trail and looking at all the various species of mushrooms we found.

shelf mushroom 


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