Unusual Homeschool Holidays

One really unintended perk of homeschooling is the ability to turn anything into a celebration or holiday.

Sure we celebrate the usual holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we get to really play up the other mini holidays like Valentine's day and St. Patrick's Day but I'm talking about making up our own holiday or celebrating holidays no one has ever heard of!

We celebrate our Homeschool Anniversary each year (the day we started homeschooling; with a look back at my blog, and re-creating a fun art or science project).

One year Evan declared that it was his stuffed animal's birthday and we planned a whole party for him on the spur of the moment (you can read about Otter's birthday here).  But our favorite things to do is turn all of our birthdays into holidays.

The kids enjoy having a day off from school and the birthday boy is put in charge for the day.  It's fun to be able to stop and really celebrate each child and make them feel extra special and it's not something we could usually do when they were in public school.

Some ways we've made birthdays special in the past:

  • Special breakfast-- I have time to prepare a big, fancy breakfast now that we're home in the morning.  I usually let the birthday boy choose his breakfast and often it includes waffles, french toast or pancakes with bacon, fresh fruit, whipped cream, sprinkles, and, of course, a candle!  I've even thought to serve them in bed but I have very early risers and have never managed to have the food ready early enough. 
  • They can pick a movie to watch during the day; even if it's sunny and nice out.  There are no rules about screen time on birthdays.  
  • We go on trips to the zoo, park, or any place that we can reasonably afford.
  • We have friends over!  If the birthday boy wants to get together with homeschooling friends we accommodate and set up some fun time with friends. 
  • They can have a pajama day.
  • They can ask to go out to lunch or dinner-- complete with dessert and singing restaurant.  Heck, even just going out for dessert and skipping dinner is a huge deal on a birthday! 
  • They get to plan a special dinner if we're eating in.
  • They get a day off from all chores.
  • As I mentioned above they don't have to do any schoolwork and as a bonus their brothers don't have to either.
  • Decorate with balloons, streamers or banners as a surprise for when they wake up in the morning... either the house, their room, the car; something unexpected that just lights up their faces with joy.
  • Write messages on the bathroom mirror.
  • Make up a coupon booklet for them to redeem throughout the weeks to come; extending their special day just a bit
  • Focus on the little things-- one year we dipped our drinking glasses in water and then colored sugar when serving drinks at dinner, one year I surprised the birthday boy by arranging to have his friends over without his knowing.   
   What types of things do you like celebrate as if it were a national holiday?! 


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  2. We do this too, and we celebrate 1/2 Birthdays too! ❤ My children always look Forward to it. Even our dogs get celebrated with a special party for their Birthday :)

  3. I adore this! We too had a party once for a stuffed animal..our beloved Ming, Ming, the stuffed Panda! I think giving kids days like this enhance their memories of childhood! Happy weekend lovely lady!


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