Lessons Learned at the Beach

 We've been going to the beach quite a bit this summer.  Usually I consider it a fun day off from school or maybe a fun day of science since we tend to look for ocean life but yesterday I realized it really can be so much more than that!

   Here are just few things I observed my boys learning at the beach:

  • Perseverance-- Evan refused to give up on learning how to boogie board and finally figured out how to ride a wave into shore.  All the boys also watched a man painstakingly carve out a very detailed lighthouse/ sandcastle complete with stairs, rocks, and seaweed.  
  • Science-- we observed several different types of seaweed, we watched sand sharks and schools of fishing jumping out of the water, Alec buried himself and tried to figure out why it was so hard to move his feet afterwards. 
  • Problem solving-- Ian had to figure out how to make his sand dam tough enough to withstand the water and waves.  
  • Physical education-- They all spent the day running, jumping, playing pass with the balls, boogie boarding, playing on the playground climbing up and sliding down the slides.  
  • Social Skills-- they played with their cousins and friends and had a few conversations with random strangers too. 
  • Safety-- we had a few conversations about stranger danger and stranger safety.  We also talked about boating safety, swimming in the ocean vs. the lake and respecting the power of the ocean.  There were a few discussions about sharks too. 
  • Nutrition-- While I packed a nice balanced lunch for all of the boys they didn't all eat as nutritious as they should.  Evan in particular didn't each much of anything yesterday and he hadn't had anything to drink either until I finally convinced him to drink something.  We talked about the dangers of the sun and the importance of eating and drinking properly.
We watched a man sculpt this sandcastle 

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