You Might Be a Homeschooling Mom If...

 You might be a homeschooling mom if.....

  1. You have more books at home than places to put them all and yet you still check out books by the bagful from your local library; after all you can never have too many books. 
  2. You live in your yoga pants.    
  3. You're not sure what grade your kids are in. 
  4. You count trips to Walmart, the dentist, or the Grocery store as field trips.
  5. Everyone you meet asks you if you're worried about your kids socialization.
  6. You cringe at how crowded places become during school vacations & look forward to when "they" all go back to school.
  7. The words "snow day" and "sick day" don't necessarily mean there is no school.
  8. You get excited over supplies like a printer, a microscope, and maps.  
  9. Your children are just as comfortable talking to adults and young kids as they are to kids their own age.
  10. Your children enjoy spending time together as a family and even with their own siblings.  
  11. The librarians knows you and all your kids by name & no longer ask to see your card; they have the number memorized. 
  12. Your kids never have homework after school... or the other argument that it's ALL homework. 
  13. Your kids still ask "WHY" no matter how old they are and so Google has become your best friend. 
  14. Your birthday and your kids birthday are school holidays.
  15. You take "sun" days instead of "snow" days off from school.
  16. You have maps, posters and/or sight words taped all around the house.
  17. You send your kids to school half- dressed or in their pajamas. 
  18.  You can turn ANYTHING into an opportunity to learn; lessons are everywhere.  
  19. You judge the length of a car ride based on how many CD's of a book on CD you can listen to. 
  20. Your kids tell everyone that they "don't go to school."  


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