Surf Casting Class

 Today's lesson; surf casting! 

We headed out to the nature center today and sat through a quick class on salt water fishing.  We learned about the types of fish that people try to catch, the different lures and techniques used, the gear fishermen need and the dangers of fishing on the ocean.

After a few questions from the audience and a quick slide show we were ready to head out and try our hand at fishing.

The kids each got their own reel to use.

My boys were excited to see open reel poles since they don't normally get to use them.

They had to feed the line through the holes, put their own leader on and their own lures too.  We learned how to tie a fisherman's knot and then, after a brief demonstration, they were all set to go.  I'm proud to say that after a few miss- tries my kids were master casters!

There were a good 10-20 kids in the class so they spread out along an inlet and while no one caught any fish we enjoyed being near the sea.

They all caught a lot of weeds and most kids waded into the water trying to cast a bit further.

It was lots of fun and a great new learning experience.

I was impressed at how well they all handled the 7ft poles and how much they tried to help their fellow fishermen and women.    

All the kids learning how to thread their rod 

They look so professional wading out in the water 

Can you see the splash of his lure?

Taking off the seaweed 


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