How My Son Almost Died This Weekend

We had a really scary few moments over this past weekend.

We spent our whole weekend at a cottage on the lake and all of my boys and their myriad of cousins and friends had ample opportunities to go boating, tubing, jet skiing, water skiing, etc.

It was a very busy weekend on the lake due to the Fourth of July and the extra holiday crowd.

There were boats and water crafts everywhere!

At one point we had two tubes and a few tubers being pulled around the lake and Evan fell off into the water.

We turned around  to go pick him up but before we reached where he fell off we saw a boat barreling right down the lake headed straight for him.  

The man driving the boat did not see him and all the yelling, pointing, waving, horn honking etc. did nothing.  

Luckily he missed Evan --- but only by a few feet.

It was one of the most frightening moments of my life.  

We were also lucky that Evan saw the boat heading toward him and started swimming away from both us and the boat.

He was fine but shaken up (as we all were!) and decided he was finished with tubing for a while.

He was quite proud of himself that he saw the boat coming toward him and thought so swim away; so was I, it might have saved his life!

The man driving the boat finally saw what we were all pointing at (once he looked back behind him), and immediately slowed down, then turned around to make sure Evan was OK.

I'd have to guess he was pretty shaken up too, he apologized profusely and motored off in the other direction.

So my Public Service Announcement is to please, please, please, slow down and really look all over in the water when you're out boating and the lake is crowded.  

When you're taking off and the front of the boat is lifted out of the water stand up to see better.  

One little person floating in a sea of waves is not always easy to see.  

But they sure would be missed.


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