Setting Goals In Our Homeschool

One thing I always try to do as we're winding down our homeschool year and I'm looking ahead to the next year is to set a few goals. 

I try not to set so many goals that I couldn't possibly meet them; much like following a planner or buying curriculum,

I don't always follow or remember to focus on my goals.

However, I still like to set some anyway in the hopes that perhaps this time I will meet them.

In setting goals I am forced to look back over the past year and see where the boys have really started blossoming and developing.

I typically look back through ALL the years of homeschooling and see the random jumps and leaps they've each taken in gaining new skills.

I think critically about our schedule and what has been working and what needs to be changed.

I ask the boys for their input and their general feeling about what we have been doing.

I have them reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and ask them what they think they can do to improve.

 I step back and try to look at the big picture; what do they really need to know to succeed in life, what do they need to know (or start learning) now so that they'll have enough time to master those skills, when are certain topics going to be relevant to them and their lives, how much have they learned in the last year, the last 3 years, the last 5 years?

And then I stop and think about how many years I have left with them.  Even with my oldest I still have more than 1/2 of his school- life left!  That's 6 more years and a whole lot of time left!

Keeping everything I've mentioned above in mind, here are some simple goals we've set for our upcoming year:

  • adding more art back into our days & weeks
  • doing more hands on science experiments
  • adding some math flash cards or one minute math test back into our day for quick, easy review and recall of facts.  I really want to build fluency with all the boys on addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division.  
  • Read every day
  • Incorporate more movies & YouTube videos into our school day 

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