Mother's Day at the Zoo

For mother's day we took my mother- in- law and the kids to the zoo.  Every year we try to go somewhere or do something together as a family.

The boys were so excited about finally having enough adults along to ride the sky ride.

They woke up early and with the help of my husband made me a delicious breakfast.  Evan cooked all the eggs, Alec made some hash browns and Ian took care of cutting and toasting the croissants.  They showered me with presents they picked out all by themselves; new cookie sheets, nail art pens, a book, some chocolates and a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant.

They had all worked together to clean my house too (OK mostly my husband worked and the kids complained).

 I felt pampered and adored and we were all excited to go have a fun family outing.

We started a family tradition of going somewhere and doing something together for my very first Mother's day and we've never stopped.  

It was a hot day at the zoo but we all had a great time.  We rode the sky ride twice, went on a train ride, and walked around the whole zoo.

Alec and Evan sat to watch an animal show; asking & answering lots of questions.  Alec managed to stump the zoo keeper so we Googled the question after the show.  We learned that alligators can have up to 50 replacement teeth in a lifetime!

We were excited to see all the new babies and the changes the zoo had made since last year.

I think the boys would say that the best part was eating ice cream for lunch!

Alec stopped to read most of the signs and took lots of pictures with his own camera.

Evan read a few signs here and there and all three boys honed up on some more animals facts.

 They did some  geography too comparing the maps and the various homes of the animals.

Evan kept trying to add, subtract, and count everything that had anything to do with numbers all day.

It was a perfect mother's day & I knew I still had a dinner to look forward to too.
Alec's chinstrap penguin 

Baby chickies! 

Reading signs & learning animal facts 

Walking the zoo 

Alec asked if they could see/pet Salt, the chinchilla 

Watching the two toed sloth eat corn on the cob!

These monkeys were hilarious; the "dad" kept stealing
celery from the baby.  

Watching the Prairie dogs 

Swans we saw on the train ride 

We got to see the turtle digging a hole while on the sky ride 

Alec and my mother in law on the sky ride 

Look at all the woodpecker holes in this tree!

The baby watusi cattle 


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