Ladybugs and Rainbows

We had so much fun this weekend even though our weekend was mainly spent lying around the house.  Watching them go about their weekend I could see so much Unschooling/ learning happening that I just had to document it all!

On Saturday we checked our ladybug habitat and found one ladybug and many more just on the verge of emerging.

We were thankful for the macro lens on the camera though because without it I don't think we would have been able to notice the difference; they're so tiny!  The boys and I read how to care for the ladybugs once they hatch and spent a few moments preparing some raisins for the bug to eat.  We kept an eye on our butterfly habitat too since we know they're due to emerge from their chrysalis any day now.  (Science)

the ladybug larvae 
The ladybug 

Evan offered to make lunch on Saturday for his brother by cooking up some scrambled eggs.  In cracking the eggs he called me over to show me that he managed to trap the yolk in the shell while letting all (and I quote) "the runny stuff" flow out.  I told him that some recipes actually call for separating the yolk from the whites and that many people have a hard time with that.  He told me he did it by accident but that he thought it was pretty easy.  (life skills)

Cracking eggs 
We enjoyed watching all the birds flying around our yard: (science) 

  • we saw several morning doves
  • a red-winged black bird
  • an oriole
  • either a hawk or a falcon (it was pretty high up to see the details). We knew it was a bird of prey by it's size and the shape of it's wings.  It didn't hurt that we watched three small black birds diving and circling the bird of prey chasing it away from their nests.  We know that's a behavior called mobbing.

The boys spent a good portion of their weekend watching videos about Minecraft and playing Minecraft on their Kindles.  They try to replicate what they've watched in their game play as often as possible.  Alec and Evan often take on role of teacher when Ian starts asking questions.  He does not care to watch any videos but he does want to know what they've learned and so he'll ask them how to create various things if he can't figure it out on his own.  Sometimes they are quite patient and they all usually enjoy linking Kindles and playing together. (Science/ Technology)

Ian spent his Saturday working with his grandfather.  They had to move some trucks around and I'm always skeptical about how much work Ian is actually doing.  Saturday night as my husband was working on our boat Ian was sitting nearby and I was surprised by how much he seemed to know about engines and tools.  He certainly didn't know more than my husband since he's one of those hands- on, can build anything sort of guys but Ian definitely taught me a few things!  I'm admittedly clueless when it comes to anything having to do with motors but he was playing with something I thought for sure was a part to the motor when he informed me it was a tool and then proceeded to tell me how it was used.  I guess he does do more than go out to breakfast and lunch when he's working with his grandfather. (life skills)

 Sunday morning we went out for breakfast.  It was sprinkling and we got to see a rainbow!  We watched it for quite some time hoping to find the end of it.  We watched as the ending of the rainbow kept changing location as we drove. We also talked about what makes a rainbow form and why we only see them sometimes when it's raining. (science)

We arrived at the restaurant and had a great time.  Alec used all the creamers at the table to build a tower/ pyramid.  We all took turns playing tic tac toe and hangman on our place mats.  Evan, who usually sits out the games of Hangman really got into it today and continued to play the game with Alec and I on his Kindle while driving home.  He's been working  so hard on spelling and reading lately.  He decided it was safest to play using his sight words and managed to stump us a few times.  It's hard to guess those small words when they have unusual letters!  (math/logic, reading. spelling, writing)

We ended up squeezing in some math during breakfast too when Ian asked what the tip would be.  I left him to calculate it for us reminding him to think of what 10% would be and then figure out what 15% would be.  Alec was laughing that I only won one game of tic tac toe so I asked him to figure out what fraction or percent of the games I had won.  He told me I won 1/11th while Alec had won 3/11 and that left 7/11 where no one won.  Then he told me that was enough math for one day. (math)


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