Shortening Spring Homeschooling Days

Some days we seem to spend our entire time homeschooling.  The day drags out with many breaks between lessons.  Other days it seems like homeschooling is over in the blink of an eye!

Yesterday was one of those days where it seemed like homeschooling was over before I even knew we had started!

 We started our day yesterday with a flurry of cleaning and cooking:
 Between the four of us we cleaned the entire upstairs washing, dusting, vacuuming and sweeping.  I made a quiche, brownie buckeye cupcakes for Ian's birthday and a biscuit/ egg bake to put in the freezer for another day.

While I was finishing up in the kitchen the boys all got together and cleaned out some of the toys in Ian's room.  He gifted a few things off to his brothers and got rid of some other stuff.  He's getting to that age when toys are going to start disappearing altogether.  I tend to oversee the boys as they clean and remind them what still needs to be done so my chores are the last ones done.

After making sure their rooms, the hallway, and the bathroom were all cleaned I asked the boys if they could start on school while I cleaned.

For once I had nothing planned or pulled out for them to work on.  I was curious to see what they would pick to work on while I was busy.

Self Guided Schoolwork:
I came down to find Ian finishing up his second page of his math workbook and having already completed a page in his spelling book.  He worked with measuring and finding perimeter.  He then settled down to read a few easy picture books and informed me that he wanted to head outside as soon as he was done reading.  With three subjects done I just smiled and told him to have fun.

We wrapped up school by 10:30!

Evan read Go Cub!  to both Alec and I, completed two pages in his Star Wars book on word problems and then read through all of his sight word stacking cups.  He too ran out to play the minute he was done.

Alec was, once again my last/ lone student. He had read a chapter in Battle for the Nether out loud to Evan while I was upstairs cleaning and waited until I was done helping Evan with his schoolwork to ask for help with his math.   He was learning some simple division with remainders. While he's quite good at figuring them out he does seem to hate division.  I didn't push him to do a second page and let him go join all the others.

Learning and Playing when School is Done

We all spent the day enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, visiting with one another and our family. The kids rode bikes and scooters for a bit.  They got to see their great grandfather's potential new car and had fun exploring all the nooks and crannies.  Together they all figured out how to fold and unfold the seats and even went for a short ride.

They played Wiffle ball, used the swings, and spent some time working on clearing out the paddle boat.

 Ian went kayaking for a bit and other than the occasional scraped knee or squabble it was a wonderful afternoon.

 After our long winter of being cooped up inside it was so nice to be out playing and soaking up the sun.

Looking back over our day I was reminded why I love homeschooling so much.  To have the freedom to shorten our day and follow our hearts is priceless.


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