Meandering Through Math & Reading

After karate we had a very laid back day.  The boys each got to their own schoolwork in their own time.  We had nothing pressing planned and I was content to sit back and let them take control.  

They knew they needed to do some math and some reading and we had hoped to watch a science video but with our school year winding down into our summer schedule we're much more flexible with what we feel we HAVE to do each day.

We're toying with the idea of following the local school's calendar this year and taking the summer off like the boys asked to do.

I'm open to that idea but see them crying boredom within a few short weeks.  They have grand ideas of playing with all their school friends every day but many of them are away at camps and on vacation.

I told the boys we could play it by ear this summer but I'd still like to do a little bit of math and reading each day just so they keep those skills fresh but I promised we'd find fun ways to practice math and reading too.

Ian was the first one to finish his schoolwork for the day.  He worked on two more pages in his math workbook and after going through the book together we decided he only has 5 more pages left to complete.  He's so excited that he can still finish it up this week.  We read the next chapter in The Hunger Games together and this time I got him to read 3 1/2 pages.  We already have the next book on hold for us at the library; funny enough we should finish up The Hunger Games by Friday too.

Alec decided to settle down and complete two pages in his math book reviewing multiplication facts for the 6 times tables. He finished up just as Evan had their lunches ready and we all settled down at the table to eat.  When we were done eating and our family reading Alec went to his room and read more of his Warriors book.

Evan didn't want to settle down to work right away and so had offered to make lunches for himself and his brother.  After lunch and our family reading we settled together to complete two pages in his math book.  Today I read him story problems that dealt with repeated addition. He had no problem coming up with the number sentences or the answers.  I showed him that we could add 6+6 or 2+2+2+2+2+2 and still get the same answer.  We talked about how we could write two multiplication sentences too 6x2 or 2x6.  We then flipped through his book and counted up that he only has 6 pages left until he's done his book.  He too can be done by Friday.  When we were all done with math Evan pulled out his new Dick and Jane Fun With our Family book and read me the first three stories.

Family Read Aloud:
I read another two chapters in Harry Potter today.  We were only going to read one but the boys all groaned when I put the book away and asked for me to keep reading.  Not one to argue when they ASK me to read I readily agreed.  W
Free Time when School is OVER!
The minute Evan was done school he headed outside to play with Ian in the dirt.  Ian got some new tools for his birthday and before I realized it Alec had joined them too and all three boys were digging in the dirt trying out Ian's new tools.

They played nicely together and, for once, it was a bright sunny day!  

So sunny that Ian soon came in looking for a beach umbrella or a rain umbrella that he was going to try and rig up to keep himself shaded.  I thought it was a great idea and warned him it could be quite tricky to get any umbrella to stay put in the wind but I thought it would be great use of some problem solving skills.  These boys can be pretty creative when life calls for it.


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