Geography Fair Day!

The day for our Geography and History fair finally arrived!

We started attending this fair two years ago and we were blown away by all the great projects.  (You can read about 2013's fair here and 2014 fair's here).

We had high hopes for today's fair and the boys were equally thrilled to learn that it was the only "school" thing we were going to be doing today.

All of the kids did a great job with their projects.  It's always neat to see the way that all the different children approach and report on their topics.  Many of them have become such experts and they're more than willing to share stories about other things they learned along the way.

My boys had fun visiting the different countries and trying the different foods.  They also had a lot of fun visiting with their friends.

Each child is presented with a passport and they go from table to table adding a stamp or mini picture to their passport and they can try the different foods, make a craft, play a game, or try their hand at different worksheets like crossword puzzles, word searches or coloring pages.

Ian's display all set up; complete with crafts 

Dirt cake snack; complete with bulldozer 

Evan's display

Alec's display 

This boy studied Australia and taught the kids
to make paper boomerangs; that they
could test out on some paper animals!  
Australian snacks of fairy bread and vegemite 
Visiting Africa and learning about all the animals

Another boy did a project on Greek Mythology also

We learned about New Orleans; the largest city in Louisiana.
We got to try out some pecan pralines and make Mardi Gras Masks  

All the mask supplies 
A report on France; complete with a matching game.
Alec attempted to match the description of the landmarks
to small pictures of the landmarks.  

French yogurt cake 

Two kids worked together to report on Native Americans.
They dressed up in paper headbands & paper bag Indian vests too.
They brought enough supplies for everyone to make a headband.
They had a miniature Indian village set up and some yummy snacks
with raisins.  

One little girl reported on Italy and made
fresh gelato for everyone to try.  
This little girl reported on Brazil.  

This little girl reported on Japan.  She showed everyone how she
made her cherry blossom tree and let them each try.  She also made
authentic fruit snacks.  
Another report on France complete with
yummy chocolate truffles! 


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