Around the world in 180 minutes

Complete with passports, my boys traveled around the world and even through time today at the history & geography fair.

Their dad and their grandma both showed up and surprised the boys, which added to their fun and excitement.  There were so many wonderful ideas, projects and displays! 

Alec is all set up and ready to go.  Board up, chocolate parrots out, Macaw painting hung, stamps ready for passports, music player with sounds of the rain forest playing, books on the rain forest, his diorama, and his playzzule! 

Ian is all set up and ready to go.  His board is up, his deer cookies are out, his dog, wolverine and polar bear animals are on display.  His aurora borealis painting is out, his books on Alaska are ready to be read and his Lincoln logs are ready to be played with!

Evan is all ready for guests.  His board is up, cupcakes are out, OJ and pink lemonade are all poured.  He's got his fish painting hanging, his books on display and plenty of ocean animals to play with. 

The kids each got their own passport to carry around from table to table and "stamp" their visit. 
This teenager studied about Japan. She taught the kids how to write in Japanese and had a beautiful display. 

This history of the piano.  Complete with piano music, music note cupcakes and mini piano pictures to glue in the passport. 

Another boy did a Brazil study.  He made cashew brittle, brought in dried bananas, and had masks for the kids to color and create. 

This teenager studied North and South Korea and had some coloring projects for the kids. 
These girls really inspired Alec for next year's geography/history fair.  They did a report on the fantasy land of Equestria where the My Little Ponies live.  They had cotton candy snacks since the clouds are made of cotton candy.  They had chocolate milk to drink since it once rained chocolate milk.  They had apples since all the horses eat apples.  They brought ponies for display and markers and coloring sheets for crafting.

This family has very young children and they worked together to learn all about the presidents.  They had flags and president faces for the passports and red/ white/ blue snacks of strawberries, blueberries and popcorn. 

Ecuador!  My kids loved the photo slide show on the laptop and the craft of making a candy/bubble gum airplane (since most people arrive by plane).  Ian was taken with the photos of the natives with their giant ear holes from the plugs they use. 
Tanzania had crossword puzzles, fabric, photos, and a frame made out of.... (we had to guess and then look) Elephant dung!  The boys were grossed out yet in awe of that one. 
This 10 year old boy's display of Haiti was complete with artifacts, painting, and photos from a trip there.  It was very eye catching. 
This report on Prince Edward Island was fabulous.  Potatoes are the main crop grown there in northern Canada so we had french fries to eat, potato stamp crafts and a model of the Anne of Green Gables house. 

The grossest (by the boys standards) was the report on the Bubonic plague.  We all had to love the craft though.  Mini rat shaped cookies that you added fur (frosting) and lice (chocolate sprinkles) to!  The skull and crossbones stamp completed our trip.  We got to smell sachets, like the ones people and Doctors used to try and hide the smell of the decaying bodies.  And learn about how the bubonic plague was spread.  My boys can tell you all about it! 
One boy did a report on Syria and had wonderful mosaic pictures for coloring and mosaic boxes on display. 
Argentina report complete with caramel pastries, and beads for
friendship bracelets 
All the kids worked really hard and made such wonderful connections between what they were studying and their own lives.  The boys had a fabulous time and made several new friends.  When I asked them what they had learned, on our ride home, they told me all about Equestria, the bubonic plague and how it was spread, that people in Tanzania can use elephant poop to make things like picture frames.  They knew that people in Ecuador sometimes have really large decorative holes in their ears and that that Prince Edward Island's major crop is potatoes.  They were off eating foods from foreign lands, making craft projects, and playing games for the whole three hours were there.

They can't wait to go back again next year!


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