Scrapbooking Our Florida Vacation

As much as I enjoy scrapping about our everyday lives and field trips there is nothing I enjoy more than scrapbooking our vacation photos!

This particular grouping of pages from our trip to Florida when we stayed at the Nickelodeon hotel.  

We stayed at the Nick hotel and I took so many pictures by our hotel pool. There were water slides galore, a slime bucket, and all sorts of fun fountains. For this layout I decided to focus just on the people in the photos.  When I cropped them all nice and close and mounted them on white card stock the fit beautifully side by side.  I mounted all 6 photos on some dark blue card stock and mounted that on some rainbow printed background paper.  I used the title sticker "at the Pool" and some rafts and balls to embellish the page.

Staying at the Nick hotel we were able to have dinner with the Ninja turtles! This was a huge highlight for my boys and I ended up with so many photos.  I always find a layout with lots of photos hard to do.  I don't want the page to just be all about the pictures but balancing photos and embellishments isn't always easy.  I happened to have one of the boy's masks in my room with me and it fell over the page; that was all it took!  I mounted all four photos on orange stock and set it off to one side of the page.  Isn't this green paper perfect?  It just happened to be the right shade of green with some orange "stitches" around the edges.  I then flipped my blue paper over and copied the mask; making sure to center the eye parts.  I cut out the mask, lined the eyes with white and used two small circle cutters to cut the black and blue parts of the eyes.  I then journaled around the mask and found the title sticker "cool dude" complete with turtles to finish off my page.  

It's a little odd but my boys loved the Steak and Shake restaurants we found in Florida.  They had such fun and loved the food so much they made us eat there at least three times (and we've sine gone back on every Florida trip!).  I just had to scrapbook it.  With only one photo this page could have been very plain and boring but I had saved their hats (like I save everything when we're on vacation) and after finding this fun black and white retro paper knew that the hat would be perfect for both a title and an embellishment.  I mounted the photo on  a large strip of black and played around with the had until I had an effect I liked.  Sometimes it's those little moments that you want to remember the most.  Three boys snuggling together, wearing hats and enjoying french fries and milk shakes were one of those memories for me.  

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  1. I remember a few years back when scrapebooking took off and there were parties everywhere I turned. Die-cuts became the big thing in craft stores and photos were created with elaborate storytelling I never got into it because of the time it took. So I admire those that have the knack for it.

    1. Aw, thank you. I took to it right away. I was already making cards and it was a natural progression. Funny enough I can't stand most of my early albums when we were so limited in our selections.


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