Who Says School's Not Fun?

We had a wonderful day of schooling today. Our karate class was canceled due to snow-- again! And we were all feeling a little antsy so I suggested a field trip to Zoink's Fun Factory.  The boys were thrilled and didn't mind that we had to get ready early.

I always look for ways to add fun into our homeschool day.

  There are several reasons why I think it's important to make time for fun in our homeschooling:
  1. My kids are so much more willing to do their schoolwork when they have something fun to look forward to.
  2. Learning is FUN.  I completely think of our trip to Zoinks as part of our schooling and I make sure the boys know it.  I want them to associate learning with fun.
  3. They're only young once and we're making precious memories together.  Years later they will not remember the workbook page they did today but they will remember their trip to Zoinks.
  4. Every experience is a new experience and all new experiences build up the brain.  
After breakfast they all went to get ready and Evan worked with me at the counter.  He's in charge of making dinner tonight and wanted to learn how to make bread in the bread maker to go with his spaghetti.  We pulled out the machine and I went over the main parts of it with him.  We followed the recipe and talked about the measuring tools we were using.  When the recipe called for 1 1/2 tsp and I only had a 1/2 tsp. measure he counted out three spoonfuls while I counted out loud with him 1/2, 1, 1 1/2.  I figure more exposure of counting fractions like that and he'll be all set when it comes time to add like fractions!  We put everything into the pan and pushed the buttons to get it started.  He then went to get dressed and ready too.

His finished loaf of bread
Ian worked on two pages in his measurement math book and I sat with Evan to complete two pages in his book also.  Evan worked on tens and ones again and wrote the numbers for the amounts shown in the picture; he seemed to be bored with the easy work but is once again determined to finish every page of the book.  He read Biscuit with me and did an amazing job today.

Alec came downstairs reading his next Guardians of Ga'Hoole book.  We all packed some water bottles and piled into the car.  Alec also packed his math book and finished two pages while we were driving.  Ian brought along his color by number book and we listened to some of our Candymaker's book once Alec was done math.   Alec had chosen to teach himself probability and completed a page on that as well as one page reviewing his three times tables.  Everyone did all their schoolwork without a single complaint!

We had a great time at Zoink's even if we were by far the oldest ones there.  I was constantly on my boys to be wary of the little ones playing around us.  They were careful and made up many of their own games to play.  We had sliding wars, played on the bounce pillow, played monkey in the middle, dodge ball, and ran through the maze.  After 80 minutes we were all red faced, sweaty, and tired.

Playing electronic dodge ball; see the red "ball?" 

Alec loves the rock wall

In the maze!

Playing another electronic game 
We decided see my husband at his work and have lunch together.  It was nice and something we don't think to do often enough now that we're homeschooling.  The boys were asked repeatedly by all the other workers if they didn't have any school today but Ian assured them all we're on the half- day every day program.  I loved that expression and it pretty much sums up our schooling (because everyone; my kids included, assume "school" means "workbooks").
Their good mood and eagerness to help out lasted all day.  Evan heated up the sauce in the saucepan and we set a pot of water to boil when it was time to start supper.  His nightly job is to set the table so once he had the pots going on the stove he did that too.

It's nice that as the boys get older and older they're able to handle more responsibility.  I love that they don't need my attention all the time and I'm able to get more done even though they are home with me all the time.

We have so much fun together and I love that 89% of the time my boys have no idea that they are learning and building necessary skills for life.  Schooling is best when it's lots of fun!


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