Middle School Math Game!

Ian made up his own game this weekend and by the end of it I thought it was such a great self- guided math game that I thought I'd share.

 After lunch Ian asked his father to play a Nerf gun game and the next thing I knew we were having a great time (and practicing a lot of math too!).

Ian drew a target on our French doors using the dry erase markers; assigning each circle of the target a value.  We each took turns shooting all 6 bullets from his Nerf Gun.  Ian would then add up our scores.

We kept track for 10 rounds, adding, carrying over and even subtracting at times.  After 8 rounds Ian and I were tied for first.  By the end I won by a mere 15 points and Ian ended up coming in third.

He added up our scores into the thousandths, happily and with lots of carrying over (and here I was thinking this morning that we've never added beyond three digit numbers).  I think he was pretty bummed he lost but he took it well and was a good sport about it.

 He wanted to play another game too!

keeping score 
Quick, easy, fun and a great review of multi- digit addition!
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