A Full and Fun Day of Reading

When we first started homeschooling, I only had one boy that actually enjoyed reading.

Alec had taught himself to read when he was just 4 and loved reading stories.  He could easily get lost in a book and spend hours enjoying himself.

My youngest did not yet know how to read but my oldest son hated it.  Hated it so much he told me he never wanted to read.

I did not push him to read and let him take a bit of time off from reading.  However, I did keep on reading.  I read aloud interesting books, books with colorful illustrations and chapter books that left them begging me to tell them what happened next!

After a bit of time listening to me read aloud he finally asked if he could start reading by himself, in his room and it's amazing at what a difference that has made in his willingness to read!

I did not push him to read chapter books and instead encouraged a love of reading through picture books and other books he picked out himself.  Knowing he'd be more willing to read books about things he was interested in.

I will pick out books for them, on occasion, based on their various interests and other books they have enjoyed in the past but my boys know they don't HAVE to read them.

Take today's reading (which included a lot of history/geography today too since the boys all read about their topics for our fair)-- Ian read so many books today I was floored.  He came downstairs with a stack of books he had read and then proceeded to look through our library bin and read even more!

Ian enjoys books about trucks, construction equipment, fishing, basketball, and books that make him laugh.

Today he read:

He also wanted to start writing up some facts for  his history report.   He had fun reading and wanted to work on some writing... I just could not believe it!

Alec loves reading a mixture of fiction of non- fiction.  Enjoy anything having to do with animals, Geek and Roman Gods, magic, and

Alec read

He too wanted to start typing up some facts about Ancient Greece for his history report and later read a couple more chapters in his Guardians of Ga' Hoole book.

Evan read Loose Tooth to me and then listened to me read Have a Good Day Cafe, a book we picked out for his geography report on Korea.   Evan also asked me to read a chapter in his Minecraft book to him.

He's starting to remember the names of different Korean dishes and looked at all the different characters of the Korean alphabet at the back of the book.

My boys are required to read something to themselves or tome each day but that is not the only way we work on reading skills and developing a love of books.

I often read aloud books that we're studying for science, history or geography.  We often have a
"fun" chapter book that we're reading and we'll pick out a book to listen to in the car while we drive around too.

My boys can listen to books that are for more advanced than their reading skills allow and it's wonderful to have books that we can talk about and discuss that we've all read.

Today, we read part of the next chapter in Harry Potter and listened to another CD in the car while we ran to gym class, the library and to visit my grandmother.

We're listening to The Fast and the Furriest and we are just loving this wonderful book! It's hilarious!
When Kevin, a 12 year old couch potato, realizes that his dog Cromwell wants to start agility training he can not believe it.  His dog can barely walk without falling over!  And that's not all; since it's summer vacation Kevin's dad wants him to try football camp.  Kevin finds that trying to please both his dad and this new version of his dog is not easy.

Basically, I tried to make reading fun, enjoyable and tried to take all the pressure off of him!

And boy, has that worked out so much better than I had hoped.

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  1. Congratulations! It's wonderful he now enjoys reading. When I taught elementary school (a century ago it seems now), I encouraged children to read anything - even a cereal box. I had them make oral reports along with their written paragraphs about what they read. Even students with problems reading and writing, loved to stand and talk about the books. I'm wishing your children years of loving books.

  2. I have non-readers here. I love reading, so I can't understand it. I keep trying to get them interested. It's frustrating!

    1. Oh I so agree! I just love to read and can not understand why two of mine don't enjoy it. I see signs every now and then that they are enjoying a book or series but it's often a long time between series before they find something else that they grudgingly enjoy again.

  3. I agree with Carol;s comment--as long as a child is reading it does not matter what the subject matter is, even comic books or cereal boxes. When my children were young I always took them to the library and let them look at books for hours. They loved "Pop up" books and science reference books. I hope your sons will all learn to love reading!

    1. Me too! I do take them to the library often and read with them.. that's really all I can do and I hope that one day my love of reading will rub off on them.

  4. That's wonderful! I so agree with you that they shouldn't be forced, but should be encouraged to just read what they want (with your oversight), while you read aloud OFTEN to them.

  5. I really enjoyed this post. I love how you encouraged him to read what interested him. Some parents think kids grow up out of picture books, but I don't think this is true. I still love them! Those Snowmen books were a huge hit at our house too when my kids were young. And I'll have to check out the Kathryn Lasky. I've loved some of her other books.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. I figure I still love picture books too; a really good book should span the ages of it's readers anyway. I'm just happy as long as they're reading something.

  6. Yes, I also had a son who didn't take to reading at all, and I agree with you that the best approach is not to panic, to just try to make it as fun and palatable as possible, and let the child become who he is. They absolutely need the skill, but there are ways to make that happen without ruining our relationship with our kids.

    1. Exactly. I also didn't want to ruin his relationship with books and reading either. I knew he'd probably never LOVE reading like I do but I was hoping that in time he'd at least stop hating it... and I'm pretty sure he has.


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