A Typical Day of Homeschooling 3 Elementary School Boys

I encouraged my boys to get their schoolwork done nice and early this morning.  They had karate class and I really wanted to paint the basement as soon as we got home and not have to worry about school.  They weren't thrilled with loosing out on morning screen time but they agreed to help me out.

I often say that we have no real schedule and each day follows it's own unique path.

I thought it might be fun to have a look into what one day in the life of homeschooling 3 elementary school aged boys is like.

Bright and early in the morning Evan fixed breakfast for both himself and Alec.  He was only making french toast sticks but he didn't really remember how.
  • He asked me to read how many sticks make a serving and when I told him 5 he told me he was going to need 10.  
  • He then counted them out and asked me if he had to toast them or bake them.  
  • He set the timer and helped Alec get everything out and on the table. 
 I love watching them gain valuable life skills!

I offered to read Harry Potter during breakfast and we finished up yesterday's chapter that we had started.  I also read another two chapters in Lewis and Clark and Me.

After breakfast the two younger boys went to get dressed and ready for karate while Ian decided to start on his math book.  He did two more pages in his fractions book and learned how to find the least common denominator.  He worked quickly without any problems and then set off to get ready.

 Evan had come downstairs and we worked on reading Boing!   He then finished two math pages with my help.  We had to decide if the equations they gave us were true or false.  He did great! But by the time he was done it was time to go. (reading & math)

Alec has spent his entire morning reading his Warriors Sunset book.  He offered to bring his math and writing work in the car but even so spent most of his time reading.  All three boys packed up their remaining work and they worked quietly on the way to karate.

Ian did a page in his Draw Write Now book learning all about polar bears.  Alec worked on a page in his Draw Write Now book learning all about the echidna.  Evan did THREE pages in his sight words Star Wars books without even telling me.  As we were driving I heard Evan and Alec talking and Evan asked him if his math book was really called Math Made Easy.  I can only assume he read the title! (language arts)

They had a great karate class and afterwards we went to return Alec's dead fish.  They tested his tank water and we found that the PH levels were off so they showed us how to fix that.  They also explained that tetras tend to be touchy fish and don't do well in any new tank.  The lady recommended that Alec wait until his tank was at least 6 weeks old before introducing any new tetras into it.  Since the PH was off it wasn't recommended that we buy anymore fish until the levels were back to normal.  I think Alec was disappointed but I can't say he isn't learning A LOT! (physical education and science)

We stopped at the library really quick on the way home to drop off a bunch of books and movies and while we were there Ian wanted to look around and find a book.  Ian ended up picking out Dino- Boarding and Evan picked out Dino- Wrestling.  Alec still had his nose buried in Sunset.  He was relieved to find that he could check it in and then immediately check it back out.

Ian read Dino- Boarding on the way home and told me he had done all of his reading, math and writing for today.  Evan too reminded me that he had done his math, phonics/writing, and reading for today.  Alec apologized for not doing anything other than writing and reading and offered to work in his book during lunch.

Ian and I went to paint the basement and Evan and Alec decided they didn't want to help today.

I left Evan playing a new video game for math.  I stumbled upon the sight called Matific this morning and it looked very promising. I offered to leave it up if anyone wanted to play.  Evan tried playing Save the Ball but got annoyed that it told him the right answer after he got it wrong rather than letting him try again.

After a while Evan came down to help for just a little bit. He painted one really small wall and told me he couldn't handle Ian yelling at him and telling him what to do anymore.

 Alec was busy working on his math book.  He finished two pages and then shut himself in his room to play with his stuffed animals and finish reading his book.  (math, life skills)

Evan had counted up his money yesterday with Alec and then again last night with his father.  They discovered that Alec had helped Evan count up the money wrong and so now Evan wanted me to double check and see what he could afford.  He would find something he wanted to buy and ask me if he had enough money for it or not.  I usually turned the question back around on him and asked him which number was higher.  He knew if the amount of money he had was higher than he could afford it.

He finally settled on a toy and asked me how much money he would have left so we put the cost of the toy in our head and counted on to see how much was in between the cost of the toy and the amount of money he had.  He then went to get his piggy bank and counted out how much he needed to pay me.  We double checked to make sure that he had the right number of dollars left.  He asked me how much the shipping and handling was and was thrilled to find out it was free!

 While I was on Amazon's sight Alec decided to spend the gift cards from his birthday and Christmas.  He was thrilled to realize he had $60 to spend!  He thought long and hard about what he wanted to spend his money and then told me he was sure and I could place the order.  What wonderful self- guided math lessons!

Ian settled down to watch Alaska the Last Frontier and Prospectors while Alec sat at the table trying like mad to finish up his Sunset book (which he did!).  Evan played some more Survival Craft and worked at reading all the things he could use and utilize in his world. 
(geography and reading)

It was a quiet afternoon and before we knew it we needed to start dinner.  I roped the boys into helping me and they all got a mini lesson in cooking.

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