The Highlight of our Day

This morning the boys had karate.

The highlight of their day and probably their week was easily karate.  They've been waiting FOREVER to be able to spar "for real" in their new karate class and with their new belt levels they were able to participate.

Since all the kids in the class are of orange rank or higher now they spent just about the whole class sparring.  My boys were in heaven.

Evan's geared up! 
All three boys ready and waiting 
They were not at all intimidated; even when they had to spar with a black belt master.  They learned all the rules of sparring, they remembered to combine hits and techniques, they learned how to point spar (and they even all got a turn to judge and award points).

They talked about it almost the whole way home.

Evan spars a black belt 

Evan sparing another student 

Ian sparring in the "ring" with Alec learning to assign points 

Evan spars 

He lost 2 to 3 

Alec's turn in the ring 


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