Shaving cream crafting

Today we decided to make some window crafts.

 I cut out trees from white paper and the boys worked together to cut out snowflakes from coffee filters.

We set up a try on our table and filled it with shaving cream.  We dotted food coloring in shades of green and yellow around and swirled (but not mixed) the paint together.  I showed them how to pick a spot, lay their tree down on top of the ink and press lightly.  We then pulled the paper out of the shaving cream, wiped it off and looked at the pretty marbled swirled trees we had for our windows.  It was messy-- really messy!  And the boys loved it.

Shaving cream dotted with food coloring 

We swirled it up using the back of a paint brush 

Lying our trees on the foam 

Pulling them off; all foam covered 

Ian takes a turn 

Evan's turn 

Alec likes to stand while working 

Our trees after we wiped them off with paper towel
(we used LOTS of paper towels) 

On display in our windows 

Love how the sun shines through them and the
marbling really shows up 

   When we finished all the trees we washed out the tray and started over using blue and we did the same thing just more gently since the coffee filters get a bit weak with the ink and shaving cream on them.  I think my hands may  be a bit blue for a few days but it was totally worth it!

Our snowflakes 

On display 

up close 
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