It's Snowing in Here! A Full Day of Snowflake Themed Fun

Today's theme ended up being snowflakes.

 It hadn't really started out that way but I just went with it.

We made snowflakes using coffee filters.

Making snowflakes
Using paper punches to decorate snowflakes
our completed snowflakes

 We made giant snowflakes using white paper lunch sacks.

Jumbo snowflakes made out of lunch sacks

We played with pattern blocks to make snowflakes.  We used protractors and markers to measure snowflake angles.  There was a lot of discussion about shapes, sizes, symmetry, and angles throughout the day.

Measuring snowflake angles
Alec's completed page
Evan working on snowflake patterns

We remembered last year's unit on snowflakes and all of Snowflake Bentley's observations as well as some fun computer games we played with snowflakes last year.

All in all it's definitely looking like a snowstorm has hit this house.

We made snowflake window clings using templates, 3-D glittered fabric paint, and cling wrap.

Working on window clings

It's serious business

One of our completed window clings 

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  1. I want to come to your house and make snowflakes with you and your boys! Looks like loads of fun!


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