10 Children's Stories About Gingerbread & Making Gingerbread Houses

The boys were anxious to get started on our Christmas crafts very early this morning.  As soon as Alec was out of bed they began their gingerbread houses.   Typically we buy 1 kit and the kids all work on it together and while that work OK there is an awful lot of fighting.  We saw some kits on sale for 1/2 price at Michael's the other day and the boys could not agree on one set.  Ian and Evan wanted the mini houses and Alec wanted the larger house.  We ended up buying both kits and so the boys set to work making a whole gingerbread village this morning.

It was messy but the kids had lots of fun; more fun eating the candy than decorating but that's all part of the memories.

While they were busy crafting I read them The Gingerbread Pirates.  They enjoyed the story and I liked that it kept me from taking over their gingerbread houses; I do have a bad habit of doing that.  After reading the book Evan decided we need to make some gingerbread cookies this year.  We never have but I agreed that it would be a good thing to try this year.

A few of the completed buildings (with walkway!)

Our whole village

Alec made a wreath out of "holly" for the back of
his house (next to his windows)
I thought I'd put together a fun list of stories to read about gingerbread that go beyond the classic gingerbread man story:

Gingerbread Pirates

Georgie the Gingerbread Fairy

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