Homeschooling During Thanksgiving Week

 I am continually struck by this thought today and over the past weekend.  It just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving is really this week.  

Normally we'd be baking and cleaning up a storm today but this year, much to my family's chagrin I'm taking a mini holiday from all our holidays.  I decided NOT to host a huge Thanksgiving feast at our house, like usual, instead we're staying home with just the five of us.
  • I don't need to cook and clean for three days prior to the holiday.  
  • I don't need to hit the grocery store (we've already decided we'll just work with what we already bought).  
  • I don't need to set the table all fancy and bring in added tables and chairs. 
  • I don't need to do much of anything except cook on Thursday. 
 It's a weird feeling but I'm loving the laid back feeling of holidays at home.  Typically the kids and I wouldn't be doing any schoolwork at all this week, but since this isn't  a typical holiday I figured we might as well get a little bit of school work done. 

We read Three Young Pilgrims while eating breakfast.  Ian had picked this up at the library one day last week and wanted to read it before Thanksgiving.  It was such a great book with lots of details about the first Thanksgiving, the pilgrims, and the history of that era.  We had a few pretty good discussions about what life was like back then.

 Ian started reading his new book up in his room.  He has read three chapter books this past week!   He decided to add up all his change and money and fill out a bank deposit slip for our trip to the bank tomorrow.  He wanted to keep 1/4 of his money for spending and put the rest in his savings account.  He asked if he could call that math for today and move on to painting his airplane.  I thought that was fine and he happily set to work pulling out all the supplies he needed.  When he was done he cleaned up after himself as well.

 Evan and I read another elephant and piggy book called My Friend Is Sad.  He did great!  We then went on to work on two more pages in both his Star Wars math book and his Star Wars Phonics book.

 Alec spent his morning reading more of his Warriors book.  He started book number 5 this morning.  He had finished up book 4 on Sunday and wanted to read the My Weirder School Book Mrs. Lane is a Pane!  He read the entire book in just under an hour last night!

 My nephews arrived and the boys took off playing; they played Kindles, WiiU, Playstation 2, watched videos on-line, played ping- pong and made up their own game using our ping pongs  paddles.

Ian stumbled upon a series of mining shows called "Yukon Gold" on YouTube and spent part of the day watching these old episodes from the History channel.
After their cousins left  Alec was back to reading his Warriors book, Evan was building with blocks and Ian was playing with our Rubik's Electronic Puzzle Cube.  He played a memory game and made it to 40 correct colors in a row!  Ian and Evan worked together to build a fort for their stuffed animals using blankets and blocks and put all of their polar animals in there. 

Their fort

 The boys finished up their day watching a Magic School Bus episode.  They watched The Magic School Bus In the Haunted Museum and learned all about music and vibrations.

The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series


  1. Good for you, taking a break and doing what is best for your family! I pray your Thanksgiving is blessed and relaxing and wonderful!

    1. Well, thank you! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too.


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