Our First Fit Kids Class

We were up and out of our house very early today running errands. Once home Ian went up to his room to finish watching Pearl Harbor and then everyone settled down for a late breakfast.  It was 10 and I was starting to panic.

We hadn't done any schoolwork and we were heading out for a kids physical fitness class in the afternoon.  I wondered how we could possibly do more than just math and reading and still be ready to go on time.

I worked with each boy individually-- on their Verbal Math books, on their spelling words/ lists, with Evan's reading lesson.... somehow we managed to get in a full mornings worth of work.

  • Both older boys took their math minute test and Alec has moved on to his 9's facts. 
  • Both older boys asked to be quizzed with their list of spelling words and moved onto the next lists.  
  • Evan ASKED to write his spelling words and then read them all back to me.  
  • We read another chapter in Harry Potter and Alec and I started working on his science fair project.  
While I was working with each of the boys they took turns playing all around the house.  We had trucks out, blocks out, our Ninja play set, and even some dragons and dinosaurs out.  The boys played individually, in pairs and even altogether to have air hockey battles.

Our house looked like a tornado went through it but they were having a blast.

I had pulled out some string, a few rulers, a pencil and some scissors.  I showed Alec how to make what was essentially a large drawing compass with string and a pencil; next thing I knew I heard him and Evan pretending they were the three fates and they were measuring string and cutting it off at various lengths depicting the lifeline of demigods and heroes.  They were having so much fun!

Playing "the three fates"

We had a quick snack and headed out for our fit kids class.  We arrived at a local gym and the owner set all the kids up with boxing gloves and punching bags.  He taught them some basic boxing moves and after a bit offered to have an older (designated) helper suit up and box with the kids in the ring.

They had so much fun throwing punches and sparring! They started playing ball afterwards and we had a great game of soccer going with a huge multitude of ages involved.  You could tell the kids were having a ball and the owner was just wonderful with them.  We LOVED it!!

"one, two, punch!"

A nice full gym

Alec in the ring

Ian was complimented on his technique!

Evan had a ball and went in with fists flying

a rowdy game of soccer

We came home for a very late lunch and the boys helped clean up the kitchen and all of their toys from the morning.  They played monkey in the middle for a bit and then we all played air hockey.  


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