Squeezing in Schoolwork and Learning at the Library

We had to leave the house early this morning and I wasn't sure how much schoolwork we would be able to get done today.

I asked Ian and Evan to bring their math workbooks in the car and complete any two pages.  (I didn't ask Alec to work in his math book since he did an extra 3 pages last time and is pretty far ahead of his brothers).

Alec did have a chapter book that was due back at the library today and so I told him he should work on finishing that up.  It was a pretty quiet car ride to karate.
 After karate we headed to the library.  Alec read a bit more of his chapter book; Five, Six, Seven, Nate and Ian worked on his final math page.

Alec had not yet finished his book by the time we arrived at the library.  He only had about 10 pages left though and since Ian needed to pick out enough books for his weekly reading I encouraged him to sit at a table and get comfy reading.  I told him I was sure he'd finish by the time we had to leave.

I handed Evan a stack of books that he had due back today and, since we never got a chance to look at any of them, I asked him to look through them and see which ones he'd like to check in and check back out again.

With the younger two occupied, I helped Ian find some books in the library.  He was very excited to find books on ice fishing, deer hunting, freshwater fishing, bow hunting, duck hunting, and more.

I was happy to see several non- fiction books among his choices too.

Alec still was not yet done reading and the boys were trying desperately to keep me away from the shelves (since I tend to find even more books for them all!) and so I offered to sit with Evan and read a book.

We snuggled up together in a chair, not near Alec, and Evan read a book to me!  It was called Quick as a Cricket & he did AMAZING!  I was so proud of him.

 He quickly figured out the pattern in the pages and sounded out the words he didn't know.  He made great guessed based on the starting sounds and the pictures.  He picked up a new bookmark while we were at the library and asked me "does this say spark?"  "Yes, it does say spark!  How did you know that?" I answered.  "Well, it started with S and it has pictures of sparks on it so I thought that was probably what it said." He replied.

 I, once again told him that we call that reading.  He still insists it's not! 
Sometimes it's a lot of fun to take our books with us and learn on the road and at the library!

Once home, Alec told me he wasn't hungry enough for lunch and wanted to finish working on  his flora and fauna bracelet.  Within minutes he was in tears.  He was mostly done the bracelet and looping the final few bands together when one of them snapped.  Normally, I would remind him that it's not a big deal but this time I knew it was.

This was a seriously complicated bracelet that he'd been working on for days. 

I helped him take part of it apart and told him we'd rewind the video and tackle it together AFTER taking a small break and having some lunch. 

Luckily going step by step through the video we were able to quickly fix the broken band.  We did notice another band that snapped too but were able to knot it back together without anyone else knowing or noticing.

It's an amazing bracelet and I can't help marvel at his patience in making something so complex.

I'm so happy it held together and nothing else broke.  We worked side by side so that as he pulled bands through I pushed them away from the pegs to minimize the pressure on them.

Typically he doesn't have any problems with bands at all but after two snapped elastics he was extra nervous that he was never going to be able to finish.

This is how far he got and then the bands snapped

The finished bracelet-- such pretty flowers!

bracelet shown for the side-- so many bands!
 Not too shabby for a day I figured we'd get nothing done but karate! 


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