Rocky Neck Beach day fun

We spent a lovely day at the beach on Friday!  Well, perhaps lovely is a bit of a stretch, it was cloudy, cool and windy so not my ideal beach day, but we were happy to finally make it to a "real" beach this summer with actual sand.

The boys got right to digging and dug a huge hole.  Ian and Evan played in the water and went swimming too.  Ian tried out his brand new boogie board and they had a ball playing with their cousins.  We got some ice cream from a local vendor and enjoyed a short walk on the beach.

Digging a trench

They loved that it took them out of the wind too

When we just couldn't stand the wind and lack of sun any more we cleaned up and headed out to walk some trails and go on the bridges that overlook the marshes.

We all thought that was the best part of the day.

We saw people crabbing, and one family offered to let all the boys take turns throwing in the bait.  We got to watch them pull up a few blue crabs and see them up close.

We saw lots of waterfowl, including what Alec and I thought was an Osprey, and we ran into an older gentleman who was happy to show the boy pictures of some of the birds he had seen through the day.  They got to look at green herons, kingfishers, sandpipers, and egrets.  The boys played in the field and all decided to try walking along the beams the whole way back to the car.

It was great-- and educational too!

Blue crab

Looking for birds in the marsh

Checking out the Osprey nest

Learning how to crab "fish"

Each of the boys tried their hand at casting the bait

"We" caught one!

The boys balanced ALL the way back to the car



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