Catch a Wave: A Fun Day at the Beach with our Family

We went to the beach!  The forecast showed a hot, sunny week and we plan on taking full advantage of our freedom.  My mother, sister and nephews were joining us and we were all excited for a beach day at a beach with actual waves!

We picked up my mom and headed to the beach.  The beach was quite crowded but we found my sister and her sons and settled down for lots of fun.

digging in the sand together

Alec boogie boarding
Evan met another little boy with the same name and they were soon friends.  They marveled at all the things they had in common and had a ball making up games to play together as they dug in the sand, jumped off dunes, and ran around.

Evan and his friend Evan 
Ian spent just about the whole day in the water body surfing and boogie boarding.   Alec actually got his feet wet and before I knew it had gone into the ocean too.  He too learned to body surf and had fun boogie boarding also.

We saw lots of neat boats and planes too!
Ian boogie boarding with his cousin
He dug in the sand and tried burying his feet further at the edge of the surf.  Once he got hem unstuck he decided to try burying his hands too. 

Stuck in the sand, watching the waves deposit and take
sand away
Alec buries his feet
He decided to try it with his hands too
The boys checked out all the sand sculptures around us and Alec marveled at how they were able to do that.  We found a small crab and Ian picked it up and started showing it around.

The crab we found
Evan finally changed into his bathing suit and joined the rest of the family in the water and spent the rest of the day in the waves.  Alec helped teach him to body surf and then Evan took a few turns with the boogie board.

It was a glorious day and the boys had so much fun; even if Alec was shaking, and freezing most of the day.  The kid had goose bumps on top of his goose bumps he was so cold but he was having so much fun he just didn't care.

All the boys waiting for the perfect wave
 They were all rather reluctant to leave the beach and asked about "next" time already!  What a wonderful day making memories with our family!


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