Adventure Science Center; Nashville Vacation

We spent a good 3/4 of a day at the Adventure Science Center.  It's a two floor museum in Nashville that is just perfect for kids.

I'm not sure I would classify it as a science museum though, we thought it would be better named a children's museum.  If we had been on vacation with older kids in their teens they would have been bored in no time, I think.

Luckily, my boys seemed to be just the right age to enjoy it to it's fullest.

Alec and Evan spent most of their day playing in the central climbing structure which spanned over three floors with a lookout tower that faced the heart of Nashville.

We learned about the human body, what it feels like to be handicapped, and what it feels like to walk on the moon.

We learned about lightening, earthquakes, building a balanced city, and our weight on the various planets plus how long it would take to drive/ fly there.

They had the chance to play around with computer animation, robots, and get a feel for using tools in space.

They had lots of fun. 
The science center

View of Nashville

A walk- on piano

playing a guitar from the inside

climbing around

lots of ups and downs

Ian played with magnets

checker battles

climbing like Spiderman

seeing what it's like to be in a wheelchair

trying to build a balanced city

making an earthquake proof city

learning about dinosaurs

Inside the body

the power of the mind

A fun laser game- body wars

"walking on the moon"

moonwalking is not easy

using tools in space

launching rockets

checking out the planets

taking a quiz on lightening-- he guessed all the answers and only got one wrong

lifting a car using levers

water and twisters

parachute play

computer animation

robots that follow the lights

making an upset stomach

feeding the body

using the hands to grasp a ball

playing move it

the flow of your arteries (really the boys
just had a ball playing in the water table trying
to make a dam)

building an arch
After we finished at the museum for the day we took a drive through downtown Nashville.  We saw the country music hall of fame (where Ian wanted to go today instead of the science center) and then checked out the street of honky tonks; rolling our windows down to listen to the music and looking out for some street performers.


  1. We were in Nashville the end of June this year, also going the the science museum. You are right. It should be called a children's museum. I really liked the exhibit about the implants for the hearing impaired. We have a few neighbor kids that wear them. So it was really interesting to learn they still don't hear all that clearly with them. We went to the zoo, Country Music Hall of Fame, and did an Opry tour (hitting Opry Mall for a little shopping for the teenager). We walked up and down listening to the honky tonk music. The kids liked going into the stores and trying on cowboy boots and hats. We also hit the Belle Meade plantation, Andrew Jackson's home/The Hermitage, visited the Parthenon, Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro. We went to Franklin, TN, which isn't that far from Nashville. We soaked up as much about the Civil War as we could.

  2. I was surprised to learn how unclear the implants were too!

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    1. We often go on the same vacations each year but I've been trying to make an effort to get out and see new places with the boys more often.


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