What We Learned at the Audubon Center

We went to the Claire D. McIntosh Wildlife refuge center today and met up with my sister and nephews.  This was quite a hike for us and we hoped it would be worth it.

We had a lovely day watching birds, observing nature and learning about local birds, fauna, animals, and fish in the education center.

 Some of our highlights include:
Walking down to the shore with nets, bug jars and
flyers to identify different bugs and things we might find

walking back to the education center

Some pretty wild flowers around the way

Trying to spot birds with the binoculars

During lunch we watched a red tail hawk get mobbed by some black birds

Looking at and listening to different bird species inside the education center

The kids had so much fun playing with all of the animal toys

and all the stuffed animals too!

The older boys had fun putting a puzzle together

We decided it was a harbor seal when it was done

We saw blue lobsters in the tide pool

Hermit crabs too

They had a replica of a whale with part of it's side cut out so we could see how big it's heart is

A cardinal stopped by

We checked out some AMAZING artwork of local fauna and flora

Walking back down to the shore we saw turtles




The Common Tern


Monarch Butterfly

The Green Heron

Green heron from the side

Some sort of bug larvae on some large leaves

Even more pretty wildflowers and many bugs and butterflies


  1. What a great place to visit... I would love to take lots of pictures at this place! :)


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