The Sky's the Limit! Our Day at Sky Zone

Not to be deterred from our week of fun we decided to head to an indoor trampoline park today.   It was one activity we could think of that would not get canceled if it rained.  We've had a lot of rainy , cooler weather here lately.

We stopped at our library before heading to Sky Zone and picked up a new book on CD to listen to since the boys have been beside themselves in the car wondering what to do without a book to listen to.  We chose to start with the original Percy Jackson series.  We listened to the first two disks of the Lightning Thief today and the boys are, once again busy making predictions.  They're already trying to figure out who the lightning thief might be.

Once we finally arrived at Sky Zone, we mostly had the place to ourselves. 

We jumped for an hour and had a ball!  The boys were thrilled when I told them I was jumping too and I let the into talking me into trying out most everything. 

  • They practiced some of their old trampoline moves and tried to encourage me to do more than just jump up and down.
  • These trampolines can get pretty high and I'm not a huge fan of heights (or falling from them) I mostly just watched and jumped straight up and down trying a few spins, and branching out enough to jump from one trampoline to another (though I did fall twice).  
  • Alec was doing somersaults and flipping off the walls by the time we left!  
  • Ian and Evan practiced Spiderman moves, running on the trampolines and bouncing off the walls.  
  • We jumped into a foam block pit, Alec did front flips off the trampoline into the pit (that kid is fearless!).  
  • Ian took a few turns at jumping on a trampoline and making slam dunks into the basketball net.   
  • The younger two boys pulled blocks out of the pit and made up games.  
  • Alec and I played a quick game of pass while jumping and when we missed the "ball" we'd jump into the pit to get another one.  
  • We played a game of volleyball too.  
  • Evan was setting up blocks in the corners of his trampoline and staging Pok√©mon- type battles.  He place a block or two in the center of his trampoline and tried to get the blocks bouncing high enough in the air for him to catch them just using the motion of the trampoline and his feet.  
  • There were some rules to follow but the boys were free to use their imaginations and make up games. 
 It was great.  It was so much fun and after an hour we were all tired, sweaty, and planning our next trip there.
Getting ready to jump in; but getting nice and high first

Alec and Evan in the pit; it's not so easy to climb out though!

Here's Evan struggling to get OUT! 

Ian trying to slam dunk on the high net;
he did manage to dunk a few on the low net. 


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