Getting a Jump on Our Summer Reading

Today ended up being a day filled with reading!  I hadn't planned on how our day was going to go but all three boys were really motivated to read by Barnes and Noble's Summer Reading Program.

The boys all settled down to watch another episode of The Little Travelers; British Isles.  As they ended that film they decided to watch The Little Travelers: Bali too.  I was not all that sure where Bali was located other than knowing it was an island country but Ian told me he thought it was one of the islands off the coast of Australia (and he was right! It's part of Indonesia-- I'm always amazed at the extent of the geography knowledge my kids have).

After, the boys ran off to their rooms to read.  They really want to finish filling out their Barnes and Noble summer reading list so they can get their free books. Last year, though we finished our lists super early, we waited until the end of the summer to redeem our reading lists for books and they had hardly anything to choose from so the boys want to make sure to get them in very early this year.

Evan read 5 of his small books to me; they were mostly reviews of the level b and c books he's read but he sat and read 5 of them to me!  He then asked me to read him three larger/ longer books and finished all of his 8 required book in one sitting this morning!

Alec came downstairs and handed me a stack of books around lunchtime and told me he had read all of his books too.   I love how motivated my kids get by all these summer reading programs we participate in!

They begged me to take them to Barnes and Noble today to get their free books.  Since we didn't have any plans I agreed.  I think we were there over an hour.

We walked the entire kids section; read at least two full books and talked about so many more.  I started snapping pictures of books the kids wanted to see if our library had and discovered so many more series we'll have to try.  The boys each found a book to read that I ultimately ended up buying as well as their free books.  They continued to read the books out the door and into the car. 

Ian's pick of the day-- he loves books about unusual facts. 
I love spending time with my boys like this; times I know they'll look back on and remember fondly.  I love knowing that I'm fostering a love of books and helping them find books that they'll love and remember years from now. 

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