The Day My Kids Fought Over a Math Game

It's not what you think!

My boys are fighting over who gets to play this new math game I downloaded onto my Kindle this weekend.  It's called 2048 and you have to combine sets of like numbers to get to 2048.  It's seriously addicting and I love that they're learning/ reinforcing math skills as they play and plan.

Obviously, that's not all we did for math yesterday but I can't discount the hours that they spent playing.

For more math fun,  I pulled out our geobards and elastics and the boys played with those for a bit.

Alec developed a 4 grid tic tac toe board and we tried playing a few rounds.  Evan worked on making triangles of all different sizes and shapes.  He also made diamonds, squares, and lines with the elastics.  He was playing later on and counted by two's up to 16.  We learned the other night that he's very comfortable with applying math vocabulary to everyday situations when he informed us that putting peanut butter cups all around the cake was a great way to "line the perimeter."

Throughout the day as we talk and play he constantly asks us little math equations like what's 3-2 or what's 4+4 and stuff like that. 

He just couldn't put it down!
I love that I get to keep learning fun and my boys are so willing to play games! 

still playing even during "science."
We did a few other things for our school day too!

We ran a science lab eating jelly belly candies while blindfolded and trying to identify the flavors.  We also paired blueberries up like the bag suggested to make new recipes.

Ian started making his Guyanese fudge today for geography and discovered that fudge is HARD to make.  "It takes FOREVER!" was the constant complaint I heard.   They all agreed it tasted really good when it was done and we definitely learned what all the different stages of fudge look like and why fudge is called a labor of love. 

While waiting for the fudge to finish I had the boys eat some lunch and we watched Valiant, a cute cartoon movie about a squadron of carrier pigeons working to help the allied forces during World War II.  We saw mock commercials that were reminiscent of recruiting commericals during the same time period.  We saw Big Ben, heard air raid sirens, learned about spies and even learned that medals were given out to dogs, cats and pigeons for real after the war.

We spent the afternoon outside working on our fort.  We worked on filling in the corner of the fort since it was looking pretty wimpy and see thru.  We compared today's photos with yesterday's "starting" photo and were pretty impressed with our progress. 

Inside the fort

outside looking in


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