Making Time For Nature Walks: Seeing Frogs!

We decided we were going to skip traditional school work today and head out on a hike.

We spent an hour and half in the woods.

We had a blast!
  • We saw and heard TONS of frogs today.  
  • Stopping by many ponds and vernal pools to watch and listen.  
  • We observed trees, the flow of water, the difference in the forest at this time of year compared to late spring, summer and even fall and winter.  
  • We were shocked to discover that the road we walked on just a few weeks ago was completely underwater!  
  • Many of the trails were underwater due to all the snow melt and rain we've been having.  
We examined a flattened snake and had so many great discussions; mostly about science!

Alec started asking about the past ice age and how long it lasted, how ice ages start, if that's why we have a cold climate now, and on and on.  Ian joined in with asking questions too and I did my best to answer them or steer them toward coming up with their own answers.

We talked about dissecting frogs and a virtual program I found on-line that lets you see inside a frog's body.  We talked about why people dissect frogs, fish, cats, and other animals as well as why doctors study cadavers.

The boys then went onto a lengthy discussion about surgeries and how people don't bleed to death.  We talked about the heart, what it looks like, how it works, and debated whether or not we could find a video or game about it.

It was great!

 I love all the constant questions they have about the world around them and see such signs of budding scientists! 
pointing out frogs to one another

we noticed a lot of tree rot and downed trees

we noticed the way the grass was lying; as if water
had passed by/over it recently

a few trees grown into one giant tree

An injured frog Ian rescued and put back in the pond

this little guy kept trying to hop onto the ice

he made it!

Frogs kind of hop/flop on the ice and snow; not very graceful!

Alec pointed out that this tree is growing on TOP of the rock

inspecting a dead snake

Look at all the water!  Every single other trail was blocked by water. 


  1. Wow! What an interesting way to learn. Thanks for sharing these fantastic pictures.

  2. Who needs the classroom when you have the great outdoors. #mg

  3. it really is the best classroom!! Just amazing. Being part of nature, being out there watching our children discover is just such a blessing #mg

    1. It is! We've had weeks of rain and I am missing our nature walks and hikes!

  4. What a great way to learn about the world around you!

    1. Thanks! We do try to get out in the world and learn naturally as often as we can.

  5. Great way to learn and to encourage an active lifestyle.

    1. Thank you! We try to get out and hike at least once a week once we have nice weather. Lately we've been adding in a walk/ hike at night after dinner too.


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