Making Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk & Other Easter Lessons

With Easter near and the boys so very excited for our annual egg hunt and the visit from the Easter bunny, we decided to have a fun Easter themed day of schooling. I planned an egg hunt for each of the boys and we made our own sidewalk chalk for science.

Hunt for sight/ spelling words-- Easter Egg hunt with words! I hid scrabble tiles inside blue and green eggs for Evan to hunt for.  Once he found all 12 eggs, he broke them open one at a time and tried to match them with his sight word cards.  He had to put the tiles in order, spell the letters out loud and read the words to me.  He had 12 sight words to work with today; some old and some new.

I got one!
spelling sight words
For the older boys I used letter tiles from our Word Wave game (because I ran out of "good" scrabble tile letters) and I hid 6 words for Ian and 6 for Alec.  Since they don't have sight words or even assigned spelling words I figured this would be a bit more challenging for them than it was for Evan who was only matching words.  I tried to concentrate on consonant blends and mostly hid 5 or 6 letter words that they'd have to unscramble, decode, and spell.  I used words like snack, light, glance, paddle, width, problem, joyous, scarf, etc.  They had so much fun hunting for eggs and assigning each boy a color or two left no room for arguing.  They quickly worked through their words and enjoyed this quick spelling/reading activity.

Found one!

spelling his words
We made egg shaped sidewalk chalk!

We followed the instructions found here and made some turquoise, red, black, and pink sidewalk chalk.  It was messy fun.

The boys measured, poured, and mixed all on their own.  I gave them a few lessons on using plaster of Paris and talked about not inhaling any of it, eating it, etc.  I smooshed the eggs together to make the chalk into the egg shapes and soon realized it wasn't as easy as it looked!

Mixing up some red chalk

filling our egg halves  

Mixing up some black chalk

putting our eggs together

Our completed eggs; we removed the plastic after 3-4 hours
and then let them sit and dry overnight before using them
We just loved drawing with our new chalk!


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    1. It was so neat!...but I would have picked prettier colors if I had gotten to choose. ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing with Awesome Life Friday! What a fun activity!

  3. Oh Wow! These are nice!! Very Easter festive feelings. :) x Thanks for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost


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