Learning About Flood Control Dams and Enjoying the Fresh air and sunshine

We didn't do much in the way of actual schoolwork today but that doesn't mean we weren't learning.  We had a fun field trip today and learned about flood control dams.

The boys all watched a few episodes of Wild Kratts and learned about the creature powers of the flying fish.  They also re-watched yesterday's episode about the black footed ferrets.
We packed up lunches and the older boys and I got ready to head out and meet up with our homeschool group.  We met up with our homeschool group at a local dam and a ranger took us around talking about snow melt, rain, and flood management.

We got to go inside the dam and see how they raise and lower the floodgates, how they read the height of the water, what they use to block sticks and trees from damaging the dam and so much more.

water flowing out of the flood control dam
Learning how to read the height of the water
Checking out the inside of the dam 
We spotted a bald eagle, many dogs and got tons of fresh air and exercise.

The boys played soccer, tag, tried climbing trees and got out lots of excess energy.  We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed some fresh air as well as some fresh new faces.

If they're interested enough or have any questions left we'll check out these books about dams:

The Hoover Dam

How do Dams Work?

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