St. Patrick's Day Arts & Crafts

We finished up our day with a couple of fun art projects all about St. Patrick's Day!

I had the boys look on my Pinterest boards to find something they'd like to try.  They chose rainbows... but did not want to make the same project.

I knew that might happen as it often has in the past but I just set each boy up with their own materials and let them work.

 Ian made a painted rainbow.  He first drew his picture in pencil and then outlined it all in black glue (Elmer's school glue that we added black paint to).

Ian's picture outlined with black glue
Once the glue was dry he used watercolors to color in his rainbow.  While his rainbow as still wet we sprinkled it with salt and then let it dry.

adding colors and reviewing the order of the rainbow

Completed picture

Alec chose to make a rainbow and pot of gold hanging using construction paper (you can find further instructions here).

He cut strips of paper and put them in a chain in rainbow order.

We drew a pot onto black paper and cut it out.  Then we used my circle punches to punch out a bunch of yellow circles that we glued to the pot to make our gold.  Alec first tested all of the circle punches on the green paper to decided which size punch he wanted to use to make his gold.  He puts so much thought and effort into most everything he does.

Punching out gold
One he had all of his gold glued onto his pot and the pot glued to the rainbow he added a bit of gold glitter glue to give it some authentic sparkle. 

adding some sparkle

Final project hanging in our window

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  1. I migght try these with the twins- I think they may still be a bit young though

    1. You can always modify art projects for younger kids; draw the rainbow with glue yourself and let them just color it in with the watercolors. We once set out snowman supplies in the daycare I worked out and when all the toddlers got done gluing the paper circles, arms, and hats they were dubbed "snowmen in a windstorm."

  2. Great ideas! I'd love to do the glue rainbow with my oldest. It would be a great way to talk about why the paint doesn't stay on the dried glue.

    1. Then too you can talk about how the salt sucks up the watercolors and leaves a bit of white behind in it's wake.

  3. Fun and easy projects for St Patrick's Day! Thanks for sharing them on the Virtual Fridge!

  4. These are very cool. I love the colours you have used too. The finished product looks fab. A great learning activity for the little ones. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    1. I love watching them take over a craft project and take charge.

  5. Neat! Love the salt painting. We just recently tried something out like that for the first time and we definitely need to do more because my 4 year old thought it was so cool!

    1. I enjoy salt painting; it's such a neat reaction to watch.

  6. These are pretty cool and easy to do! I really like the rain in the hat. :) Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost


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