Mystic Aquarium Field Trip: Using Field Trips to Reset Our Homeschool

I decided we needed to take a week off from all school work and just find our fun again.

Whenever we find ourselves just going through the motions or having a few really difficult homeschooling days in a row I start to question why I am even doing this. 

Usually I start looking back through my blog and I remember how homeschooling used to be fun and vow to make it fun once again.

Then I am left thinking about all the different ways I can make learning, homeschooling, and being together fun again.

Today we took off on a field trip.

Not one person complained, no one fought or bickered, and we all had fun.  We went to Mystic Aquarium since our membership is going to expire and we had a really great day.

We pet the rays, touched a shark, watched the jelly fish, read all about the senses of sharks and took in the sea lion show.

We walked through the Titanic exhibit, played with the beluga whales (no really if you walk up to them and touch the tank they'll open their mouths and startle you-- it's a total game for these gentle giants!), and checked out the penguins.

It was cold, it was a bit crowded and yet it was so much fun.

It was so nice to have a day where all the boys got along and no one drove me nutty.

 It was just what we all needed. 

They came right up out of the tank!

upside down jelly fish

Check out these lobsters!

Skate/ shark eggs

Every man is a born explorer quote that I loved

"Warning lights for icebergs"

"I'm on the Titanic"

Seriously, any sign, any interactive computer screen, any video; he watched, read or quizzed himself . 


  1. Wow! What a fun place. Where is this?

  2. No one in our family has ever home schooled, however I have tremendous respect - and a certain amount of envy! - toward those who do! Your decision to take some time off and just enjoy is why this method works. Kids' needs come first, and when they're content, they learn!


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